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A Current Affair has released the following statement regarding allegations made by Channel Seven on Today Tonight last night. Continue reading »

After immersing themselves in American culture last year, Hamish and Andy have decided you can never stop learning and it would therefore be irresponsible not to take another gap year in 2012.

The Nine Network’s new series, Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year, will feature the boys’ travels and adventures throughout Europe and be broadcast weekly from The Lord Stanley, a disused pub in East London.

“It was a bit of a reno project when we got it, but hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze a few Aussies in to watch the show…I hear there might be one or two of them in London,” said Hamish. Continue reading »

Sunday, May 20 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine

The Impossible Choice

It’s the toughest choice any woman could make. You’ve tried so hard to get pregnant and suddenly you have an instant family – two, three even more little lives, a multiple pregnancy. It’s either the ultimate gift or a terrible burden. For many women, they have no choice, it would simply be too dangerous to carry all the babies full term. So they turn to a controversial and little known procedure called selective reduction where a doctor decides which foetuses to terminate. In fertility treatment it’s known as the dirty little secret. It’s a heartbreaking decision so it’s surprising then that some women actually choose selective reduction for lifestyle reasons. And a warning, parts of this story are confronting.

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen

The Fall Guys

We’ve witnessed plenty of courageous and often crazy feats over the years. But in all of Charles Wooley’s time working on this program, he’s never encountered anything quite so jaw-droppingly insane as extreme kayaking. The guys who love this sport don’t so much live on the edge as throw themselves off it. They paddle their tiny kayaks over massive twenty-storey high waterfalls, reaching speeds of two hundred kilometres an hour as they plummet, nose first into the churning water below. They’ve shattered bones and broken backs. But, in their world, coming face to face with death is the only way to really live.

Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Danny Keens

Absolutely Fabulous

Liz Hayes wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After all, it’s hard to separate the real life Joanna Lumley from the chain-smoking, Bollinger-sodden character Patsy she plays so convincingly in “Absolutely Fabulous”. But when Liz caught up with Lumley in London what she found was a witty, self-aware and thoroughly charming woman. Although, like her famous alter ego, she is partial to the occasional glass of champers.

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Sandra Clear

Nine’s award-winning medical program, RPA, returns for another captivating series on Wednesday, May 30, at 9.30pm with more touching stories of courageous patients being treated by the dedicated staff at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

In the first program we meet Sylvia, a seven-year-old girl from Africa whose story we will follow throughout the series. We also meet three new patients each facing a life-changing medical condition. Continue reading »

The Nine Network and Playmaker Media today announced the cast for the upcoming television drama, House Husbands.

Leading the cast on the new 10-part series are Gary Sweet (Rescue Special Ops) as Lewis, Rhys Muldoon (Lockie Leonard) as Mark, Gyton Grantley (Underbelly) as Kane, Firass Dirani (Underbelly: Golden Mile) as Justin, Julia Morris (Celebrity Apprentice) as Gemma, Anna McGahan (Underbelly: Razor) as Lucy and Natalie Saleeba (Winners and Losers) as Abi. Other cast members are still to be announced.

Warm, funny and entertaining, House Husbands gives a real perspective on the way we live today from four modern families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of raising the kids. Continue reading »

Sunday, May 6 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine


Lust, sex, betrayal and revenge – this story is as juicy as any soap opera and almost
as farfetched. It started out as a love triangle between an international model, her
sports star boyfriend, and her unscrupulous and obsessed mother. And it spiralled out
of control from there. There was a murder plot, a couple of Nigerian hit men, and a sensational trial. But what makes this tale truly incredible is how a wronged daughter chose to deal with her mother’s treachery.

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Nick Greenaway

The Longest Run

You can’t help but be inspired by the young woman you’re about to meet. Quite simply, it’s amazing Turia Pitt is even alive today. Six months ago, she was caught in a bushfire while competing in an ultra-marathon race through the Kimberley. She and another competitor, Kate Sanderson, suffered terrible burns. Doctors warned Turia probably wouldn’t make it. But the dogged, fighting spirit of this long distance runner pulled her back from the brink. That and the love of a remarkable young man.

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producers: Ali Smith, Stephen Rice

The Final Frontier

James Cameron thinks big whether directing a movie epic like Titanic or creating the awesome alien world of Avatar. And he loves a challenge when he’s away from Hollywood, as well. His latest adventure is as sweeping in scope as anything he’s conjured for the silver screen. Cameron decided to explore the blackest depths of our oceans, as far as man has ever ventured, piloting a tiny sub eleven kilometres below
the water’s surface. It was a treacherous, some might say foolhardy, undertaking.
But he did it – with the help of a little Aussie know how.

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: David Alrich

Produced by Southern Star John Edwards for the Nine Network and Screen Australia, the highly anticipated two-part mini-series Howzat! is currently filming in and around Melbourne for six weeks.

Lachy Hulme (Beaconsfield, Offspring), leads an outstanding cast of some of Australia’s most sought after actors in the mini-series which tells the story of how Kerry Packer took on the cricket Establishment and won.

In 1976 Australian businessman Kerry Packer, annoyed at not having been granted TV broadcasting rights by the Australian Cricket Board and fearing the game was dying, threw the cricket world into turmoil by secretly signing up fifty of the world’s best cricketers and creating ‘World Series Cricket’. Continue reading »

STYLE: Rustic warmth with a contemporary touch

Brothers Andrew, 37, and Mike, 29, bring considerable renovating experience to The Block, fresh from recently transforming two derelict homes in Sydney’s Bondi.

But it’s not the renovation side of The Block that worries these energetic brothers from NSW. It’s the thought of leaving their loved ones behind for ten weeks.

Andrew is a project manager and handyman who lives in Byron Bay with his fiancee Emilie. He says: “I proposed to her and a few hours later the phone rang with the incredible news Mike and I had made it through to be on The Block. It was a mad 24 hours of celebrating, absolutely the best day of my life. Then it dawned on me that I’d have to leave Emilie all alone.”

Mike, a labourer, lives in one of the Bondi houses they restored and is going to miss Dee, his girlfriend of six years, desperately. Mike and Dee spend their weekends treasure hunting.

“I’ve been scouring through second-hand stores and rubbish tips since I was a kid and actually put myself through a business degree at university and then a diploma at the Australian Institute of Music on the proceeds from restoring things I found,” says Mike.

Of working together, Mike credits his brother with guiding them through the challenges of the mammoth renovations on the Bondi properties.

“Andrew is incredibly energetic, motivated and passionate about everything he tries his hand at,” Mike says. “His ability to visualise, together with his great practical knowledge, usually results in a smooth execution. But like anyone who works together very closely, we definitely have our moments.”

The brotherly love cuts both ways, with Andrew describing Mike as having a “can do” attitude and always offering unconditional support.

If they win The Block, Andrew plans to use some of the money to pay for carpentry courses so he can obtain his own building licence. Mike has a more relaxed ambition. “I’d be lazing around my private island, drinking mocktails while running an online business,” he jokes.

STYLE: Eclectic contemporary

Not every couple can say they met in the back of a stretch Hummer. But that’s exactly how it was for Dan, 28, and Dani, 26, from Melbourne.

“We were celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday in London and Dan was brought along as a potential date for the birthday girl,” recalls Dani. “Needless to say I got in first.”

Dan, a carpenter, and Dani, a business analyst, recently purchased their own apartment in Richmond, just around the corner from the last series of The Block.

“We had planned to apply for the last series but Dan went and broke his wrist,” says Dani. “We were heartbroken when we saw the couples renovating around The Block from our house, so this year we were even more determined to get in.”

Dani has no renovation experience, while Dan’s is confined to his carpentry trade which has seen him work on numerous restaurant renovations and shop fit-outs.

“We may not be the most experienced, but I reckon my creativity and willingness to learn, matched with Dan’s carpentry knowledge and attention to detail, will be enough to get the job done,” says Dani.

“With Dani’s flair for design and my finishing skills, our rooms will be a cut above the rest,” Dan boldly claims.

“Dan also possesses unrelenting determination to get the job done. We don’t ever say die, and that’s our secret weapon,” adds Dani.

Like any couple, these two acknowledge that they have their weaknesses. Dan can be a little single-minded at times (Dani says he has selective hearing), and Dani has a tendency to get stressed out easily (especially if Dan pushes her buttons).

Both agree that Dan is the more practical one, especially when it comes to budgeting.

They describe their design style as modern and industrial, bordering on the eclectic.

“I’d say our style is ever-evolving, often influenced by our mood at any given time or even by something we may have seen that day,” says Dan.

Dan is a keen golfer who also goes to the gym to pump weights and Dani shares his passion for fitness, regularly taking part in early-morning boot-camp drills.

STYLE: Modern with a vintage twist

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight when Brad, 26, and Courtney, 24, met on a bus trip organised by a mutual friend three years ago.

“There was only one seat left and we got stuck next to each other,” says Brad. “Brad was wearing these awful sunglasses, so I let him know in no uncertain terms what I thought of them,” says Courtney.

Brad stomped on his sunglasses and they’ve been together ever since.

The couple have big dreams but little hands-on renovating experience, having only tackled small DIY jobs around a home they rent from Courtney’s parents.

Courtney says, “We’re fast learners. We know that we’ll gain invaluable experience on The Block. It’s the ultimate learning ground for young couples hoping to get into the market. How often does someone give you money to do your dream renovation? And if we get nothing else out of it, hopefully Brad will become more handy.”

This vivacious couple describe their design style as a contrast of modern and vintage. “We love mixing the old with the new and the cheap with the expensive,” explains Brad.

Courtney, a speech pathologist, is feisty and fun, but tends to stress when things aren’t done her way, and Brad, a project manager for a commercial property provider, is an easy-going, laidback Aussie bloke.

In their spare time, they like to keep fit. Brad is into surfing and Aussie Rules, while Courtney enjoys a game of netball. They also love the beach.

If they win some money on The Block, they plan on buying the house they’re currently renting and renovating it. They dream of one day moving to country Western Australia and starting a family.