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It’s the front page story over here in New Zealand: Kiwi-born actor Jay Laga’aia “attacks ‘white only’ casting” and “hits out at racism in Australian television”.  It’s based on three tweets he made: 

Hats off to you Firass Dirani, for a call to stop commercial network producers casting only white actors. Only on Australian screens. Shame! As someone who lost his job on H&A because they couldnt write two ethnics that weren’t together, I’d like a chance to ply my trade freely. I think commercial TV should take a leaf out of children’s TV in this country. We are a rainbow nation in kids TV. No tokens here.”

Naturally, Channel 7 denies his contract ending had anything to do with racism.

So here’s the thing for me: racism could very well be a big and real issue within Australian TV, but it just comes across to me as sour grapes when you’ve just finished working on a show after being on there for 18 months (a decent length of time).   

I can’t remember the last time I read a nice comment about his character Elijah: people seem to overwhelmingly find him a pointless and annoying characte.  No-one seems to be cheering for him to get together with Leah either.  If you polled people who they most wanted to kick off the show, Elijah would be right up there.  

Fight racism, yes, but doing it just after you’ve finished working on a show where your character got written out and you come across bitter at that doesn’t feel right to me.  It also doesn’t really help engage with the audience who weren’t a fan of your character!


Home and Away will not be shown tonight due to the extended news of the New Zealand earthquake. A double episode will be aired from 7pm tomorrow.

I’m not the only one who noticed this rather figure-hugging dress that Indi wore on Friday night’s episode of Home and Away, am I?

So Miles Copeland is about to return to Home and Away and I’ve read a few articles where actor Josh Quong Tart says he’s lost some weight over his break in filming, but looking at these sneak preview pics from Home and Away, he looks totally different!


Yes, it’s the same actor but he’s looking a lot older, thinner, has a new hair style and is sporting a dark beard!

Check out his new look below…

Quote of the episode:

“Well I must say most of us are probably guilty of forgetting you have any feelings Morag!”
- Colleen

Love it!  

If you missed the episode, you can find it on YouTube here.  

Basic summary:

Alf’s decided to go travelling overseas for six months.  
Xavier is fighting for his life in hospital.
April is in hospital too but is OK.
Everyone thinks Xavier’s the one who stole the chemicals.


Nice product placement in the second episode of 2011:

Just do it Sid!

First blooper of the year also occurred in the first episode of the year.  

Ok, it’s a minor one, but still we get a lovely shot of Indi carefully pushing her hair behind her ear and then the next second it’s not!

(Girls do you do it to look beautifully like this, or do you shove the whole bit behind your ear and your ears stick out? I digress…)

Sigh.  Liam and Bianca don’t interest me at all.  She’s too wishy-washy and boring (why did two guys fall for her?) and he’s just a big sook.  

There was a little bit of tongue action on Home and Away’s first episode of 2011:

Guess they’re not camping by any flooding river eh? 

And what’s with Liam’s bizarre facial hair?  (He didn’t film this during Movember did he??)  

Morag is back in town, yippee!  Of course, we must feel sad for a moment since she’s mourning the loss of her dearly beloved husband Ross… 

But yes, who doesn’t love Morag?

In just the first episode of the year we get to see all these facials and more:

She gets tell people off, have a sob and even has time for a little zzzzz:


I’m a huge fan of Packed to the Rafters.  I’ve watched it right from the start and love the warmth of the characters and the lovely family dynamics.  How often do you see a husband and wife, still married and still in love after all those years together on TV these days? 

But….. there’s something of late which has been bugging me though. 

I’m really over the promotions for the next week’s episode.  They’re always far too dramatic and nothing like what actually happens.   So the tease doesn’t even intrigue me, it just annoys me and usually gives away too much.   

One week they made it look like Shel dies and is wheeled out in front of the family.  Of course I knew this wouldn’t be the case and guessed it’d be the old neighbor even before the episode started.  It made the episode rather boring even.

Another week the promotion made it look like it was going to be a dark suspenseful thriller with someone stalking the Rafters.  The show was nothing like that.  Of course, the only person who it could be was the black sheep relative who was introduced earlier in the show. 

More recently, the promotion made it look like something terrible was going to happen to Ruby.  Shock, horror, nothing of the sort did.

Can we please get promotions which don’t mislead you about the show every single week and make it out to be some sort of seedy Desperate Housewives or murder mystery?  Can’t we just enjoy the show for the family storylines and the humor and warmth that it is without dressing it up to be something its not? 

I now switch off as soon as the show credits come up so I’m not bothered by the promotions any more. 

Have you done the same?