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Contestant Joe Comer has already won $75,000 to fund his PhD dream in SwitzerlandCash-strapped teacher Joe Comer has won the biggest pay-day of his life on Million Dollar Minute and tonight he eyes the ultimate prize in the quiz show’s series return.

With his favourite letters of the alphabet tattooed on his wrists; and the ability to name America’s 50 states in a heartbeat, Million Dollar Minute contestant Joe Comer is not your average Joe.

The 27-year-old university tutor from Brunswick East in Victoria stunned viewers with his encyclopedic knowledge, winning a guaranteed $75,000 on the final episode of 2014. Continue reading »

11:40pm – Thursday, January 3 on Seven



This week on COUGAR TOWN, fed up with the lack of privacy, Grayson convinces Jules to elope to Napa… but the cul de sac crew tags along.

David Arquette guest stars as a hotel concierge who’ll go to great (and possibly illegal) lengths to help the wine wedding go off without a hitch.

7:30pm – Friday, January 4 on Seven


11:10pm – Thursday, January 3 on Seven


This week on UP ALL NIGHT, sparks fly on Valentine’s Day after a passionate fight in Ava’s relationship inspires Reagan and Chris to up the ante with their own displays of passion.

When Ava and Kevin (guest star Jason Lee) have an epic blow-out, Reagan and Chris find themselves wistful for relationship drama and unintentionally end up creating some of their own.

8:30pm – Wednesday, January 2 on Seven


On this week’s double episode of GRIMM, Nick and Hank’s investigation of a tragic murder leads to a fight club unlike any other.

And the search for a murder suspect leads to powerful rare coins and answers to Nick’s past.

11:30pm – Monday, December 31 on Seven

This week on WHITNEY, when Alex’s childhood dog passes away, Whitney suggests they adopt a dog together.

However, the adoption process isn’t as easy as they’d hoped especially when dealing with pound owner Mrs. Janks (guest star Lisa Lampanelli).

Meanwhile, Roxanne is interested in some financial advice and Lily, in an effort to bring them closer, suggests working with Neal, but things become increasingly awkward after a sexual mishap during their first meeting.

8:00pm – Monday, December 31 on Seven

7:30pm – Monday, December 31 on Seven

This week on MOTORWAY PATROL, a drunk and drugged driver unsuccessfully tries to evade police, a dodgy rego lands a passenger in the cells and the beginnings of a beautiful motorway bromance.

7:00pm – Monday, December 31 on Seven

Monday, December 31

After two years in rehab, will these endangered turtles ever make it back to the ocean? Without his sight, Turnbull the Takahe won’t survive in the wild. But can vets mend his injured eye? And at Wellington Zoo, moving three feisty lionesses is a race against time.

Tuesday, January 1

Natureland Park have a kidnapped monkey on their hands, an albatross gets in a flap, and an identity crisis for Priscilla the lioness.

Wednesday, January 2

Kate Mcinnes leads a DOC team looking for short-tailed bats in Fiordland, Mike puts a tiger into an embarrassing position in Hamilton and down in Nelson Mana is trying to save a baby penguin called Pixie.

Thursday, January 3

Six-year-old lions Malik and Zulu are leaving behind their young cubs in Christchurch to head back to Wellington, a small monkey meets its family at Nelson’s Natureland zoo and Lisa is trying to save a Rowi kiwi, one of our rarest birds.

Friday, January 4

Brett is trying to save two takahes at Massey Wildlife Health Centre, Orana Wildlife Park’s new lion cubs get their first check-up from Dave and Lisa has to deal with a monkey’s ear problem in Wellington.

10:30pm – Sunday, December 30 on Seven

This week on THE CULT, the discovery of Jenni has shocked the Liberators to the core.

Annabelle is unable to determine what happened to her. The Liberators decide they need to get information from the source. They need to kidnap Cynthia Ross.