Here are today’s overnight ratings for the 30th of September 2015:

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Here are the timeshifted and consolidated TV ratings for the 23rd of September 2015:

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There is some interesting data that Netflix has released about when viewers get hooked on a series and at what point they’re likely to go on to watch the entire first season.  If I look at the list of shows, for ones that I haven’t completed the first season of, I haven’t reached that “hooked” episode number.  What about you?


It may have taken Walter White nearly an entire season to become Heisenberg, and Frank Underwood 13 episodes to become VP (spoiler alert!), but it turns out fans committed to these series long before those plot twists unfolded. Hint: it wasn’t in the pilot episode.

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The Bachelorette S01E03 Sasha and SamSam’s Dip Into Romance Leads To A First Kiss.

A Dance of Passion on The Bachelorette Australia.

Elimination #4. Drew, 31, Queensland.

A steamy single date learning the tango with NSW project manager Sasha lead to Sam Frost’s first kiss on The Bachelorette Australia tonight.

Despite Sasha labelling himself as a horrific dancer, sparks flew between the pair as they rehearsed the Argentine tango. In an intimate chat after rehearsals, Sam revealed she chose Sasha for this single date in an effort to get past her nerves when she is around him.

Later at the cocktail party, Sam took Sasha to the privacy of the mansion’s garden for more alone time. There, Sasha revealed that he felt their date finished too soon before he boldly stole a kiss away from the prying eyes of the other Bachelors.

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ABCProgram highlights for week commencing October 18th include the new series premiere of The Beautiful Lie, the new season premiere of Antiques Roadshow and the season final of Restoration Australia. You can also catch all new episodes of Doctor Who, Australian Story, Four Corners, Media Watch, Q&A, Catalyst, How Not to Behave, Gruen, The Ex-Pm, Sammy J and Randy In Ricketts Lane, The Chaser’s Media Circus, The Musketeers, Please Like Me, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime and New Tricks.

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simpsons-logoEleven has decided to semi fast track the new season of The Simpsons, starting on Wednesday October 14th at 8:30pm. The season premiere aired in America on September 27th.

Mental-as-logoAustralian Story: All in the Mind

Airs Monday, October 5 at 8pm on ABC & introduced by Shane Jacobson

Acting legend Garry McDonald is a man on a mission. He wants to educate the public about an urgent and poorly understood mental health problem.

“Ninety percent of the public I think now understands depression… but anxiety disorders are just never cottoned on to…Anxiety still has a, ‘Oh for God’s sake, oh for God’s sake…wake up to yourself!’”

Garry McDonald has suffered from anxiety since his 20s but he never understood his condition until it triggered a major and very public breakdown in the 1990s.

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