Bad Lad’s Army

Tuesday, July 8 at 9.30pm

Two days ago, thirty Bad Lads arrived at Browndown Camp for a month of 1950s army training – and the chance to become potential officers. All these lads admit to committing crimes – some petty, some serious. Not all have been caught. But can they change their ways and make the grade? In this episode, we find out if these bad lads can hack it when the going gets tough.

There’s a shocking start to the day at 6:15a.m when the lads are woken by their Corporals wielding buckets of ice cold water. After being accused by Cpl. Murray of smelling like a Cornish Pasty, convicted thief Ben Priestman has the dubious pleasure of a regimental bath. Convicted fraudster Kirk Woodend, a lad obsessed with self-image, struggles with physical training and becomes an outcast.

The military are searching for lads who have officer potential and Sgt. Rae tries to knock some of the rough edges off the lads with lessons in elocution pipe smoking and Sgt.

Major Whatley sorts the men from the boys in a test of courage and trust involving a ten ton truck, a spare tyre and the boys heads. The lads are expecting the truck to pass over them without contact.

When the tyre nudges their head, they don’t realise that it’s a psychological trick – using a spare tyre. Will they put their lives in the hands of their Corporals?

The ferocious Provost Sgt. Weston, in charge of camp discipline, puts football hooligan Steven Bedford and thug James Roberts through buckets of a pain. Will they take their punishment like men or crack under the pressure?

Jack Kendall’s embarrassing ‘sporting injury’ rears it’s ugly head forcing him to make a trip to the medic and there’s a new face on the camp which sends the boys hearts aflutter – pretty NAAFI girl, Sarah D’Arcy.