Big Bang Theory

In the fourth last week of ratings for 2012, the season finale of House Husbands airs on Sunday night and Big Brother concludes on Wednesday night. New CSI returns to Thursday night, with two new episodes from 8.30pm. Continue reading »

Person of Interest returns to Monday nights with new episodes, possibly in the lead up to fast track the new season from the US which starts in a few weeks time. The weekend sees the last Friday night and Saturday night NRL games for the year, with the Grand Final set air Sunday September 30. Continue reading »

On Tuesday night Jan 4, Nine replays Person Of Interest from the start. Wednesday night features a replay of the first Underbelly telemovie – tell them Lucifer was here. Last seen on GEM, Southland moves to Nine late Thursday nights.

Speaking of GEM, when Nine airs the 3rd test (cricket) against Indai from the WACA in Perth from January 13, live cricket coverage contniues on GEM when the main channel breaks for the news at 6pm. 

All shows repeats unless otherwise stated.

Sun Jan 1
6.30 David Attenborough’s Madagascar
7.30 60 Minutes – new but will contain some repeat stories
8.30 The Mentalist
9.30 CSI
10.30 CSI: NY
11.30 Flashpoint – new

Mon Jan 2
7.00 The Big Bang Theory – returns to 7pm weeknights
7.30 The Big Bang Theory
8.00 The Big Bang Theory
8.30 The Mentalist
9.30 Harry’s Law – new
10.30 BIG
11.30 Undercovers – new

Tue Jan 3
7.30 The Big Bang Theory
8.00 The Middle – new
8.30 Two and a Half Men
9.00 Mike & Molly – new
9.30 Person of Interest – pilot
10.30 Nothing Trivial
11.30 The Unusuals – new

Wed Jan 4
7.30 RBT
8.30 Movie: Lethal Weapon 4
11.00 True CSI: Cold Blood

Thur Jan 5
7.30 Getaway new
8.30 Unforgettable
9.30 CSI: NY new
10.30 Nothing Trivial new
11.30 Southland – new, series return

Fri Jan 6
7.30 Two and a Half Men x 2
8.30 Movie: A Few Good Men
11.20 Movie: Bad Boys

Sat Jan 7
6.30 Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Summer Series
7.30 Movie: Second Hand Lions
9.45 Movie: Blame – free to air frist
11.45 Movie: Enter the Dragon

Sun Jan 8
6.30 David Attenborough’s Madagascar
7.30 60 Minutes – new but may contain repeat stories
8.30 The Mentalist
9.30 CSI
10.30 CSI: NY
11.30 Manly Surf – new
12.00 Flashpoint – new

Mon Jan 9
7.00 The Big Bang Theory – remains on 7pm weeknights
7.30 The Big Bang Theory
8.00 The Big Bang Theory
8.30 The Mentalist
9.30 Harry’s Law – new
10.30 BIG
11.30 Undercovers – new, series final

Tue Jan 10
7.30 The Big Bang Theory
8.00 The Middle – new
8.30 Two and a Half Men
9.00 Mike & Molly – new
9.30 Person of Interest – pilot
10.30 Nothing Trivial
11.30 The Unusuals – new

Wed Jan 11
7.30 RBT
8.30 Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here
10.30 True CSI: Cold Blood
11.30 Weeds

Thur Jan 12
7.30 Getaway new
8.30 Unforgettable
9.30 CSI: NY new
10.30 Nothing Trivial new
11.30 Southland – new, series return

Fri Jan 13 (Sydney and Melbourne market)
6.00 News – with LIVE Cricket continuing on GEM during the news
6.30 Cricket: Third Test live from the WACA
8.30 Movie: US Marshals
11.15 Movie: Deer Hunter

Fri Jan 14 (Sydney and Melbourne market)
6.00 News – with LIVE Cricket continuing on GEM during the news
6.30 Cricket: Third Test live from the WACA
8.30 CSI
9.30 Movie: Beautiful Kate
11.35 Movie: Simpatico

Correct at December 22, 2011

This is where Throng used to maintain an up to date TV Guide for GO! After running the guide for two years, we decided to leave it be as there are enough internet TV guides out there that also provide an accurate TV Guide for GO! (and all the other channels), subject to amendments.

For GO! programming details, visit the GO! website or your favourite internet guides such as ICE TV, Yahoo, and Sometimes, they even put last minute programing changes on their GO! Facebook page:

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Updated October 11, 2011


The Big Bang Theory
The Barenaked Ladies, who perform the theme song featured on The Big Bang Theory, teamed with members of the Emmy nominated cast for a music video in which they poke fun at Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper and other inside jokes from the hit comedy. In the video for the full-length theme, band members perform the song on the set and wind up sitting in Sheldon’s “spot” on the couch in a nod to Parsons’ anal-retentive character. Available to watch at

Letters And Numbers
For those of you missing the cult game show – good news – the series, along with Lily, David and Richard will return on August the 1st at 6pm on SBS.

The Voice
The highly popular US singing reality series that Channel 9 has picked up, is apparently in talks with US host Christina Aguilera and superstars George Michael, Pink, Usher and Gwen Stefani to appear in our local production. 

Glee – yet another cast shake-up
Rachel Berry’s mum is coming back. Idina Menzel is in final negotiations to return to Glee in the upcoming third season for a major role that could span as many as 10 to 12 episodes. In what is described the most significant cast addition on the show next season, Menzel will reprise her role as Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) biological mother, Shelby Corcoran, which she originated in five episodes of Glee‘s first season.

This weeks finals include NCIS LA on Tuesday at 9.30 on Ten and season 2 of Offspring ends at 9pm on Wednesday night after Channel 10 whipped through the series.

Coming this week is:
Next Sunday is the big night for series returns with Bones at 8.40 pm to be followed by new Castle at 9.40pm on Seven. Midsomer Murders returns on ABC1 at 8.30pm. The Renovators – the overly hyped renovation show – will begin after Masterchef at 8.40pm.

Off The Map – from Grey’s Anatomy creator Shondra Rhimes starts on Thursday night at 10.40pm –  an unfortunate time for what I found a great show.

Toon Time starts at 5.30pm Monday on 111 Hits featuring the cartoons of Bugs Bunny including all his Warner Bros pals like Taz and Marvin the Martian.

The W channel will premiere season 2 Spirited on Wednesday at 7.30pm. On Sunday The Listener season 2 will premiere at 7.40pm and Season 6 of the Denis Leary firefighting Drama Rescue Me at 9.20pm

On Nine, week 1 of 2011 – which is mostly the final week of 2010 – includes the final of the current series of Survivor, The traditional Boxing Day Ashes series from the MCG and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks and celebration from Sydney.

The Ashes, starting Sunday December 26, will be broadcast daily from 10am – 6pm until its conclusion Thur Dec 30.

The Middle remains at 7pm weekdays, with an extra episode still at 8pm Mondays, after Two and a Half Men. Two and a Half Men is on 7.30pm Mon Dec 27, with another two episodes on Thur Dec 30 from 8.40pm. The Big Bang Theory is on 8pm Tue Dec 28, while Top Gear will be seen at 8pm Tue Dec 28 and 7.30pm Thur Dec 30. Apart from the Middle, these shows are also on GO! at different times.

The final Survivor of its current season is on at 9.30pm Tue Dec 28 with a two hour finale, followed by a one hour reunion show from 11.30pm.

On New Years Eve – Friday Dec 31, at 7.30pm Peter Overton hosts the special 2010: The Way It Was – the annual look back on news and events of the year. That is followed by coverage of the 9pm Fireworks from Sydney from 8.40pm, then New Years Eve Party Zone at 9.15pm, going through the biggest music hits of the year. Coverage of the midnight fireworks starts at 11.40pm.

Movies on Nine for the week include The Fugitive at 8.30 Mon Dec 27, Newcastle at 9.40pm Thur Dec 30, Roller ball at 11.50pm Thur Dec 30, That’s Entertainment (Nine amendment – so updated) at 12.10am Sat Jan 1 (the night of Fri Dec 31) and Acolytes at 9.30pm Sat Jan 1. The classic Any Which Way You Can from 1980 airs 11.30pm Sat Jan 1.

On the weekdays that the cricket is on, children’s programming can be seen at 9am-10am, while the View and Ellen can be seen on GEM in the afternoons.


The end of the year as far as TV is concerned is almost upon us, as the last day for 2010 ratings survey November 27 edges closer.

While a few shows continue into summer non-ratings, the majority will be off during summer, whether it is their season finale or not. Australian produced shows are scheduled and planned to fit in with our ratings seasons, but in the case of US shows, those that are fast tracked or played within a few weeks of US air date generally do not continue over summer.

Shows like Glee, House, Bones, Criminal Minds, The Good Wife and so on which we see here soon after they do in the US remain on hold over summer while episodes coin tune to air in the US. When ratings resume in February 2011, these shows return, many weeks or even months behind their US air times.

Following is a list of shows on the commercial networks and the dates that we will see their last episodes for the year. Updated Nov 9.


Beauty and the Geek Australia – Thur Nov 25, 8.30pm, Seven

Better Homes and Gardens – Fir Nov 26, 7.30pm, Seven

Bondi Vet – Thur Nov 18, 7.30pm, Ten

Burn Notice – Thur Nov 18, 9.30pm, Ten

City Homicide – Wed Nov 24, 8.30pm (double episode), Seven

Cops LAC – Thur Nov 11, 9.30pm (double episode), Nine

Deal or No Deal (new episodes) – Fri Nov 26, 5.30pm, Seven. Note repeats will continue in summer.

Home and Away – Fri Nov 26, 7pm, Seven

Glee – Mon Nov 29, 7.30pm, Ten UPDATED

Good News Week – Mon Nov 22, 9.30pm, Ten

House – Wed Nov 24, 9.30pm, Ten

Iron Chef Australia – Tue Nov 23, 7.30pm, Seven

Junior Masterchef – Mon Nov 15, 7.30pm, Ten

Packed to the Rafters – Tue Nov 16, 8.30pm, Seven

Parenthood – Tue Nov 23, 8.30pm (double episode), Seven

RPA – Thur Nov 18, Nine

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation – Tue Nov 23, 7.30pm, Ten – Xmas Special

The Big Bang Theory (new) – Wed Nov 10, 8.30pm, Nine. NO MORE FOR 2010.

The Block – Wed Nov 24, 7.30pm, Nine


NCIS (new) – Tue Nov 23, 8.30pm, Ten

Offspring – Sun Nov 21, 8.30pm, Ten (two hours)


The Force – Wen Nov 17, 7.30pm (double episode), Seven

The Good Wife – Wed Nov 24, 8.30pm, Ten

The Mentalist – Mon Nov 8, 8.30pm, Nine (not on Mon Nov 15 or 22)

The X Factor – Mon Nov 22, 7.30pm, Seven

Top Gear Australia – Tue Nov 2, 7.30pm, Nine (not on Tue Nov 9, 16 or 23) – so has now finished for the year

Two and a Half Men (new) – Mon Nov 8, 7.30pm, Nine (not on Mon Nov 15 or 22)

Undercover Boss Australia – Mon Nov 22, 8.30pm, Ten


60 Minutes – playing best of in summer.

Neighbours – 6.30pm, Friday Dec 17, Ten

Rush – Continues in summer. If no doubles, last would be Thur Dec 16, 8.30pm

Two and a Half Men (repeats) – At this stage, appear to be continuing into summer

* Not including GO – which may continue playing repeats at varying times – although I would assume the need to fill the GO schedule with Big Bang and Two and a Half Men repeats would not be as prevalent during non-ratings.

The Amazing Race and Survivor Nicaragua will continue as it would not make sense to hold off the final few episodes until 2011.

The list will be updated as more information comes to hand. Focus here is mostly on prime time main channels. Feel free to comment or question any exclusions.

Neighbours generally finish later than the end of ratings. Will add dates once confirmed. 

It’s all about the ratings but to what extent should our networks go to grab ratings?

Last Thursday night, July 29, saw GO achieve the highest ratings share ever for a digital channel. With a figure of 6.9% in overall shares, GO rated better than SBS did and helped the Nine Network to a resounding win for the night.

But the huge share comes as a result of an extreme last minute programming change that saw the 80’s classic movie Dirty Dancing switched in favour of four episodes of The Big Bang Theory on top of the two that already play from 8.30pm.

Even late afternoon, the GO EPG and most internet guides showed that the movie was still to air from 9.30pm. In some areas, the EPG did not change at all even by 9.30pm – leading to disappointment for those looking forward to watching Dirty Dancing again. The change was so late, that even the daily ratings report showed a figure for the movie that didn’t air rather than the break down of the six episodes of Big Bang Theory.

For GO and the Nine network, playing six Big Bangs in a row was a successful move as fans of the show enjoyed an unexpected treat – but at what cost?

There are only three complete seasons so far of the Big Bang Theory. Some episodes have already been repeated 4 or more times. With the number of episodes GO play per week, the three seasons will quickly come to the point where viewers have simply seen each episode too many times to be bothered tuning in again. If GO continue these marathons, that time will come sooner rather than later. They would be better off keeping the number of episodes per week to just a few to so as not to damage the brand.

An even bigger consequence is the fact that viewers can no longer trust the TV guide for GO. Last minute programming change tactics will not always result in achieving high ratings and the longer term effect will be that viewers will get sick of not knowing what is on and will favour other channels that maintain a stable program.

GO – with so many programming changes – will have difficulty in convincing viewers to give new shows a chance for the fear that the show will either be moved to another timeslot or not on at all. This comes at a time when the channel is claiming they are making way for some new hot shows to air soon – the lack of trust for GO to maintain timeslots will mean these new shows may not rate well – which will result in more programming changes and an overall snowball effect that will simply get worse.

The fact that six unexpected Big Bangs in a row did so well last Thursday could mean it will happen again. For anyone looking forward to seeing Sleepless in Seattle next Thursday (Aug 5), don’t be surprised if it also goes in favour for more Big Bang Theory episodes. Not to mention there will also be Big Bangs on Wednesday night as well soon.

As for the rest of GO’s programming – it is probably advisable not to plan any more than a day ahead. There surely needs to be rules in place about unnecessary last minute programming changes.

The number of times Two and a Half Men is played between Nine and GO is set to increase further with a Two and a Half Men 6 episode marathon scheduled for GO on Sunday July 11, from 8.30pm.

For that week, the number of times the sitcom can be seen over the two networks will add up to 13 – 7 on Nine, 6 on GO.

Two and a Half Men starts on GO on Sunday July 4, at 8.30pm, with a double episode.

The Nine networks’ other heavily repeated sitcom – The Big Bang Theory – will also increase in exposure with four episodes being scheduled for Thursday nights from July 15, 8.30pm. Already there are two eps of Big Bang on Thursday nights, the additional two follow from 9.30pm in the timeslot vacated by ER.

This takes the number of times Big Bang Theory is on GO each week to 6, with an extra episode still in Nine’s schedule Monday nights at 8pm. Total 7.

Repeats of Two and a Half Men – which have been airing on Nine 7pm weekdays for over two years (with breaks over summer), as well as other timeslots – still draw enough viewers to justify having so many episodes on, while The Big Bang Theory is GO’s highest rating show ever averaging around 300,000 viewers and peaking at a massive 454,000 of one of the 9pm Thursday episodes.

The inclusion of Two and a Half Men as well as extra Big Bang Theory episodes on GO would be to help increase GO’s share in the ratings further.

GO is still the most watched digital channel so far in 2010, while Nine is leading over Seven for the year so far as well.