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trentBondi Rescue’s Trent “Maxi” Maxwell Is Crowned Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2013

Fan favourite and one of the stars of Network Ten’s Bondi Rescue, Trent “Maxi” Maxwell, has won the coveted title of Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2013.

Maxi’s laid back charm and Aussie-surfer good looks made him the standout favourite from the 49 other Cleo Bachelor of the Year contenders, walking away with a $10,000 cash prize. Continue reading »

americansChannel Ten is bringing out it’s big guns in the next two months. Offspring, Touch, New Girl and MasterChef are all returning while the highly anticipated new shows The Americans, Reef Doctors and The Truth Is with Hamish McDonald will hit our screens. Mr and Mrs Murder, Bondi Rescue, The Biggest Loser and American Idol will all have their finales to make way for the new fresh programming. Bring it on Ten!

In May there is Continue reading »

Yesterday I headed off to Pyrmont to see the 2013 program presentation and was excited by what I saw. Here is what to expect from a rejuvenated Channel Ten in the new year. MORE DETAIL than what you might of read elsewhere!

Over 40 weeks Ten will show new series week after week, so there will always be a “series” on and no breaks in programming. Here they are -  Continue reading »

8.00pm Monday April 30 on Ten

Lifeguards play host to millions of visitors every year. When an 18 year old man breaks his leg, they bring comfort with analgesic pain killer. Then Maxi uses a mobile phone tracking device to locate a thief. But Corey struggles to stay calm when a bunch of Chinese school kids run wild. Local resident and amateur singer, Cora, enshrines it all in song when she pens a tune about Bondi’s hard working lifeguards.

8.00pm Monday April 23 on Ten

A surfing collision results in a deep water spinal rescue, and surf rage breaking out on the shore.

Lifeguards must work out who’s at fault. Mouse, AKA ‘The Black Cloud’ lives up to his nick name when he rescues a man with no pants, gets kicked in the face, and is then vomited on. And lifeguards try to catch a rat that’s been eating through the electrical cables on their buggies.

Into week 17 on Ten, The Biggest Loser is in its home stretch, while Touch premieres as part of super Sunday. New NCIS continues on Tuesday. Continue reading »

Not much on offer on Ten for the first week of Easter non-ratings, with loads of repeats – including – wait for it – FIVE repeat episodes of NCIS.

Thankfully, The Biggest Loser continues with new episodes during Easter albeit shorter on some nights, as does Bondi Rescue and Bondi Vet. Modern Family and New Girl on Sunday April 1 will also be new episodes.

Sunday April 1
6.30 The Biggest Loser Singles
7.30 Modern Family NEW
8.00 New Girl NEW
8.30 NCIS rpt
9.30 NCIS rpt

Monday April 2
7.00 The Biggest Loser Singles
8.00 Bondi Rescue
8.30 NCIS: LA new
9.30 Hawaii Five-O rpt

Tuesday April 3
7.00 The Biggest Loser Singles
7.30 Bondi Vet – special double episode
8.30 NCIS rpt
9.30 NCIS rpt

Wednesday April 4
7.00 The Biggest Loser Singles
7.30 Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation rpt
8.40 The Good Wife – new
9.40 NCIS rpt – yep – that’s 5 of them in one week.

Thursday April 5
7.00 Modern Family rpt
7.30 New Girl – pilot – rpt
8.00 Modenr Family rpt
8.30 Law & Order: SVU rpt
9.30 Law & Order: SVU rpt
10.30 A Gifted Man new

Friday April 6
7.00 Young Talent Time
8.00 Good Firday Glee Marathon. Eps include: Speical Education, Sexy and Original Song
11.00 Movie: TBA

Saturday April 7
6.30 Before the Game (VIC only)*
6.30 Movie: Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Nuts (7.30 VIC)
8.30 There’s Something About Mary (9.30 VIC)

* Before the Game airs on ONE in all other markets.

Programming correct as at March 28 and subject to change.

Nice to see Ten release the complete guide for week 6 already – without all those TBA’s and embargoed amendments the network have been notorious for. Having all the information avaialble to publish NOW allows more promotion time through the various media outlets and blogs who are in receipt of Ten programming information. Hopefully – Ten will start now being more open about their programming, and that future guides will be released in full in advance rather than having TBA’s and embargoes until a week before air date.

UPDATED. This week sees the return Bondi Rescue on Monday nights. Note that for the second time, House has been taken out of the schedule. Also season finale of The Glades Monday night 10.30.

The Super Bowl – live from the US airs on Ten from 10am, and also on ONE in HD on Monday February 6. Also returning on Sunday Feb 5 is The Bolt Report and Meet the Press from 10am.

Sunday February 5
6.00 The Project
6.30 Young Talent Time
7.30 Modern Family
8.00 New Girl
8.30 Homeland
9.35 NCIS – rpt x 2
11.30 Movie: Deception

Monday February 6
6.00 The Project
7.00 The Biggest Loser
8.00 Bondi Rescue – Season Return
8.30 NCIS: LA – new
9.30 Hawaii Five-O – new
10.30 The Glades – season final
11.30 Letterman

Tuesday February 7
6.00 The Project
7.00 The Biggest Loser
8.00 Bondi Vet
8.30 NCIS – rpt
9.30 NCIS – rpt
10.30 Lie To Me – rpt
11.30 Letterman

Wednesday February 8
6.00 The Project
7.00 The Biggest Loser
8.00 Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation
9.10 The Good Wife
10.10 NCIS Rpt
11.10 Medium
12.00 Letterman

Thursday February 9
6.00 The Project
7.00 The Biggest Loser
8.00 A Gifted Man
9.00 Law & Order: SVU – new
10.00 Law & Order: SVU – rpt
11.00 Medium
12.00 Letterman

Friday February 10
6.00 The Project
7.00 Glee – New
8.00 Movie: TBA
10.30 Medium
11.30 Letterman
12.30 Movie: Intimate Strangers

Saturday February 11
6.30 Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals
7.00 Jamie’s Thirty Minute Meals
7.30 Undercover Boss Season 3
8.30 The Garham Norton Show
9.30 An Idiot Abroad 2: Karl’s Bucket List
10.30 Movie: Star Trek (2009)
1.05 Movie: Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow

Correct as at January 25, 2012.

Sunday December 25
6.00 Bondi Rescue
6.30 Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Christmas Episode
7.50 It’s A Knockout
8.50 Movie: There’s Something About Mary

Monday December 26
7.30 Modern Family rpt
8.00 Rules of Engagement rpt
8.30 The Glades new
9.30 The Almighty Johnsons new
10.30 The Almighty Johnsons new

Tuesday December 27
7.30 Modern Family rpt
8.00 Rules of Engagement new
8.30 NCIS: LA rpt
9.30 NCIS: LA rpt
10.30 The Almighty Johnsons

Wednesday December 28
7.30 Glee rpt
8.30 Hawaii Five-O rpt
9.30 Hawaii Five-O rpt
10.30 The Almighty Johnsons

Thursday December 29
7.30 Modern Family rpt
8.00 Rules of Engagement new
8.30 Law & Order: Criminal Intent rpt
9.30 Movie: Crooked Business

Friday December 30
7.30 Jamie’s Great Britain
8.30 Moulin Rougue!
11.10 The Late Show with David Letterman

Saturday December 31
6.00 Bondi Vet
6.30 Back the the Future Part III
8.55 The Jewel of the Nile
11.10 Shine A Light

Mythbusters, 7mate, 6.30pm
Did a bullet shot through a Civil War soldier’s groin really impregnate a woman nearby? Is it dangerous to use the telephone or shower during a thunderstorm?

Bondi Rescue Season Finale, Ten, 7.00pm
The Boost aerial-surfing contest comes to Bondi, attracting an extra 20,000 people to the beach. It’s a busy day for the lifeguards – Bacon deals with some pranksters, while Mouse rescues a baby girl.

The Cove, ABC1, 8.30pm.
In 2008, an elite team of scientists and filmmakers embarked on a covert mission to penetrate a hidden cove in Japan, shining light on a dark and deadly secret.

Camelot, Nine, 9.30pm
A historical drama chronicling the Arthurian legend. King Uther dies, leaving young commoner Arthur as heir to the throne of England, where he is championed by the wizard Merlin but destined to tangle with his evil half sister, the sorceress Morgan.

The Future of Food, SBS ONE, 10.30pm
Are we facing a global food crisis? We take our food for granted. Supermarket shelves groan with an incredible variety of produce, but in 2008 as food riots swept the world, we saw that the international food system is not as stable as it looks. Is this just the beginning of a new era of food? Travelling to different parts of the globe, this two-part documentary unravels the complicated web of links that binds the world together and asks what needs to happen to avert a major global food crisis.