Burn Notice

oneSunday February 23

SOCHI – Winter Olympic Games

Monday February 24

6.00pm – Winter Olympic Games – Ice Hockey: Men’s Gold Medal Game -REPLAY
8.30pm – Winter Olympic Games – Closing Ceremony – REPLAY Continue reading »

The Biggest LoserThe Bachelor and The Biggest Loser are coming back , Kylie Kwong will join MasterChef and on a happier note Have You Been Paying Attention? will be extended!

The Bachelor is a (unfortunate) surprise, as is the return of Wanted. Burn Notice (already finished/completed and zipped in the USA) will return NEXT year! But where is Batavia??? That was promised at last years upfronts! No mention of Recipe To Riches either (is that a blessing?).

There is a new 6pm family entertainment program – who would host, will it be variety? Mmm, interesting.

Network Ten have announced their programming line-up for 2014, including :

Five new local series.
Five new overseas series.
New 6pm family entertainment show.
New, must-see sport. Continue reading »

burn bannerBurn Notice‘s upcoming 13-episode seventh season will be the show’s last in yet another blow for TV. No more Fiona or Michael Weston – Can my life get worse. This great show is another blow to TV lovers. Continue reading »

the killings2Sunday April 14

6.00pm – M*A*S*H
6.30pm – Megafactories
7.30pm – Dirty Great Machines
8.30pm – (M) Vanilla Sky Continue reading »

The happeningSunday Feb 24

6pm – Gator 911
6.30pm – Megastructures Breakdown (R)
7.30pm – World’s Toughest Trucker
8:30 pm – (M) League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
10.45pm – Law & Order: SVU (R)
11.45pm – Al Murrays Compete For The Meat (R) Continue reading »

Say what you like about Ten, but at least in Christmas Week we have the grand finale of Homeland and new episodes of  Ben and Kate, The New Normal, Jamies’ 15 Minute Meals and Burn Notice. Unfortunately, White Collar has yet again left our screens!

Channel Ten Programming – Sunday December 23rd to Saturday 29th

Sunday Dec 23

6pm – The Simpsons (R) Continue reading »

Channel Ten Programming – Sunday December 2 to Saturday December 8th

Ten have all new White Collar and Burn Notice returning and the season 4 premiere of Go Girls. Continue reading »

Season three of Sons of Anarchy is set to have its free to air premiere on ONE 9.30pm April 25. In the episode called So, the kidnapping of Abel has left the Sons reeling, especially Jax, whose grief sends him into even deeper turmoil about his future with the MC. Gemma, having been framed for murder, stays on the run.

Following Sons of Anarchy at 10.30pm will be new series The Good Guys. Pilot. While on a routine investigation of a stolen humidifier, Detectives Dan Stark and Jack Bailey stumble upon a much larger crime involving drug smugglers, hired assassins and a golf bag full of cash..

New episodes of Burn Notice continue to air at 8.30pm Wednesdays on ONE.

Between ELEVEN and ONE, from April 15, there is alot of new content on offer – a refreshing change to the usual mix of movies and repeats that dominate most digital channels these days.

Problem is, without encores of the shows that air in prime time on digital channels, these shows are fighting for audience with main premium content on the main channels as well, and ultimately do not ever reach their full audience capacity resulting in shows being moved or dropped from the schedule.

Look no further than GO! for an example of this problem, with the channel essentially devoid of all the new content it used to air. Shows like Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Pretty Little liars to name a few were once at the core of GO!’s line up but have now been on sold to Foxtel.

Programming correct as at April 5, 2012. Subject to change.

UPDATED. Seems to be a change of heart of sorts from the Ten Network, with their programming for former 24 hour sports channel ONE for rhw first week of ratings. Burn Notice has been re-instated back in the schedule – still at 8.30pm Wednesdays (Thank you!) while Monday night comedy will cotinues with Straussman Live – Get Chucked on Monday Feb 13 at 8.30pm.

On Sunday Feb 12 ONE airs Mighty Movers at 6.30pm, followed by premiere series Dangerous Drives at 7.30pm. Then, at 8.30, is the movie Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Monday: UPDATED Who’s Line Is It Anyway continues with two episodes from 7.30pm, Straussman Live – Get Chucked at 8.30pm. That is followed by the movie Land of The Dead at 10.00pm.

Tuesday is the new series of Black Gold at 7.30pm (in HD), followed by the usual one hour installment of COPS from 8.30pm. The movie for the night, from 9.30pm is Predator 2.

UPDATED: New Psych remains on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm. Burn Notice continues at 8.30pm Wednesdays, including Feb 15. Previously, Mike & Fiona were out in favour for a yet to be named movie at 8.30pm. Now, the movie 12 Rounds will start at 9.30pm.

The movie for Thursday night remains TBA, while Extreme Fishing remains at 7.30 Thursday Feb 16.

Onto Friday night (Feb 17), new series LA Hard Hats airs at 7.30pm while the 2007 movie Bra Boys (pictured) is at 8.30pm.

Saturday night (Feb 18) again features Fear Factor at 7.30pm, preceded by The WWE Experience at 6.30pm. That nights’ movie is yet to be advised. Three movies for the week to be confirmed.

Typically, a well chosen movie can help the shares for a digital channel, without detracting from programming on the main channel. Like GO!, movies on ONE, Ten and ELEVEN tend to repeat frequently.

Whether the move to air movies every night on ONE pays off in ratings is to be seen.

Programming correct as at February 2, 2012 and subject to change.

The Simpsons – The Food Wife (Premiere), 7.30pm, ELEVEN
Homer is worried that he is no longer the “cool” parent after Marge becomes a “foodie” with Bart and Lisa.

The Chinese Are Coming, 9.30pm, SBS ONE
Journalist Justin Rowlatt investigates the spread of Chinese influence around the globe and asks what the world will be like if China overtakes America as the world’s economic superpower.

3 Prayers, 3 Loves, 9.35pm, SBS TWO
The lives of three teenagers attending an Islamic religious school in a small Indonesian village are changed dramatically when they are arrested on suspicions of terrorist ties following September 11.

Burn Notice, 8.30pm, ONE
Michael volunteers to help the CIA find Max’s killer, even though he is the prime suspect. Elsewhere, the team helps a former Army sniper who wants revenge on the people who nearly killed his sister.

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, 9.30pm, 7TWO
The Duffield Council Estate is plagued by a young crook. Such is his grip on the community that no-one dares to speak out against him. DCI Adams sends Hetty to try to break the wall of silence.