Chandon Pictures

9:30pm – Wednesday, January 6 on ABC1

Basil (Marshall Napier), a famous Sydney gynaecologist, is selling the luxurious home he shares with his wife Lorelei (Lynette Curran) and Chandon Pictures are ready to film the sales video.

Instead, Tom (Rob Carlton) is inspired to tell the story behind the man in a doco titled Confessions of a Gynaecologist. The ‘perfect life’ of this successful couple is not all it appears to be… could this be their most explosive documentary yet.

Back at the Chandon office, there is drama behind the scenes. Tom has finally found his mojo. Inspired by a beautiful young woman, he wants to make a major motion picture; all he needs is a script.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, January 07 at 9:00pm

9:35pm – Wednesday, December 30 on ABC1

Lucy’s (Rebecca Massey) old school friend, Angelique (Kelly Butler), ropes Lucy into a scheme to sell a range of ‘hydreaux cosmetics’. When the rest of the team are enlisted to shoot a training video, they find themselves caught up in the scheme too.

Angelique is an expert manipulator and Lucy soon finds herself in way over her head. Meanwhile, now that Nick (Darren Gileshenan) has become a dad to twins, Larraby (Charlie Garber) steps in to help out behind the scenes with the Chandon crew.

Nick feels threatened and the tension mounts, but Tom is too busy flirting with a pretty young hydreaux cosmetic agent named Sarah (Laura Brent) to notice the jealousy creeping into his team.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, December 31 at 9:00pm

9:30pm – Wednesday, December 23 on ABC1

Lucy’s (Rebecca Massey) past comes back to haunt her when her father Arty (Doug Scroope) shows up unexpectedly at the Chandon house. He has decided to sell his greyhound farm, and asks Chandon Pictures to film the TV ‘advertorial’.

Lucy is mortified as the rest of the team ridicule her ‘bogan’ family, but Tom (Rob Carlton) is determined to turn this story into a great documentary. As a ‘documentuer’, he’s concerned that Lucy is too close to the topic and asks her to back off but she won’t compromise the integrity of her family, and reluctantly agrees to be involved.

The crew head to the farm where Lucy grew up, enthusiastic and ready to film the secrets to great greyhound training.

But Lucy must face some long suppressed secrets of her own, in particular the revelation of an ex-flame named Boysie (Don Hany), a larrikin farm hand with an unusual hobby.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, December 24 at 9:00pm

9:30pm – Wednesday, December 16 on ABC1

Sparkling Aussie comedy, Chandon Pictures returns for a much anticipated second season.

‘Docuementeur’ Tom (Rob Carlton) and team are asked to film a wedding video with a twist. Dion (Matt Zeremes) and Kelly (Catherine Moore) are renewing their vows to include a ‘swingers’ clause.

Though they are happily married, Dion and Kelly want to enjoy the freedom of ‘The Lifestyle’: an alternative life that encourages them to explore relationships with other partners.

The Chandon team, of course, are ready to capture all the action. New executive producer, Larraby (Charlie Garber) in particular is curious, and decides to tag along on the shoot for some experience behind the camera.

With seasoned swingers Krystal (Claire Bowan) and Benji (David James) on hand for advice, they all head off for Dion and Kelly’s first official swingers party. But they’re about to discover an important lesson in marriage: that three… or even four or five really is a crowd.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, December 17 at 9:00pm

Wednesday, 25 February 9:00pm

Not everyone is pleased to learn that the financial backer and new Executive Producer for Bevan’s Heaven, Helen (Penne Hackforth Jones) the dog lady, is also sleeping with Tom – is she his secret girlfriend?

John (Graeme Blundell) approaches Chandon Pictures to film his last will and testament. He has terminal cancer and wants to personally read out his will to his sons. It starts out as the usual straightforward video– no emotion – just straight reading from the will. Tom thinks John can do much better; after all it’s his final message to his sons, so he agrees to re- shoot, this time with more energy and emotion.

Tom meets Helen’s (Penne Hackforth-Jones) business manager to discuss his business plan and sign the contract.

Chandon Pictures: Death Wish will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, February 26 at 8:30pm

Wednesday, 18 February 9:00pm

Andrew (Michael Denkah), an old friend of Tom’s, is convinced his wife Annabelle (Jessica Napier) is cheating on him. Tom sees this as a great opportunity to step into the role of a private investigator – ‘a documentary will have more context’ and he sells the idea to Andrew.

Meanwhile Carmichael (Josh Lawson) and Lucy (Rebecca Massey) try to convince Tom to work on the bank pitch, but Tom is certain that his idea for a feature documentary ‘Bevan’s Heaven’ will be the next Passion of the Christ. All he needs is financing.

Nick and Tom head off on their first night of detective filming, but discreet private dicks they certainly are not! Andrew stays behind to talk to Lucy, who he finds incredibly sympathetic to his situation.

To everyone’s surprise, especially Carmichael’s, Tom announces that he has secured financing for ‘Bevan’s Heaven’ from a past Chandon Pictures client – Helen (Penne Hackforth- Jones) the dog lady. With a new executive producer on board, the film can be made.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, February 19 at 8:30pm

Wednesday, 11 February 2009 9:00pm

Helen (Penne Hackforth-Jones) is a dog lover in the twilight of her life. She engages Chandon Pictures to film a documentary on her corgi, Champion Charles.

Tom knows full well this is not going to be his next claim to fame, but the money’s good and it’s an easy job. However it’s really not that easy getting what they want from interviews with the dog groomer Daphne (Lynne McGimpsey) and Helen’s daughter Maggie (Late Mulvany) – and it gets tragically worse when it comes to filming the star of the show – Champion Charles.

Meanwhile Tom has a coffee with Zoe (Nadia Townsend), who worked with him on Bonzo; the Clown That Killed a Child. She is now an associate producer to high profile game show producer Eddie Connolly. When Tom learns that Eddie is keen to make a doco, Tom pressures Zoe for an introduction.

Chandon Pictures: Champion Charles will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, February 12 at 8:30pm

Wednesday, 4 February 2009 9:00pm

Carmichael (Josh Lawson) has a potential contract for Chandon Pictures that Tom (Rob Carlton) shouldn’t refuse – filming training videos for his bank. Lucy (Rebecca Massey) is thrilled at the thought of a steady income and the money would also go towards a serious termite problem discovered in the house.

However, Tom has other ideas. He has been approached to film the birth of a new church, One God – run by the controversial priest from the cousin love wedding – Bevan (Angus Sampson).

Reverend Bevan is a charming but breakaway priest, a maverick outside the traditional church who is hell bent on propagating world peace – or is it really world domination? Touting tolerance for every religion and individual, One God will shun no-one, or so Reverend Bevan claims. That is until his most devout follower Gabby (Andrea Wallis) makes an unwelcome appearance at his first sermon.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, February 05 at 8:30pm

Wednesday, 28 January 9:05pm

Tom (Rob Carlton) is visited by his old high school crush Samantha Howarth (Justine Clarke). She now works in administration at their old school and is hoping Tom will help out with Careers Day, where former students who have become successful experts in their field return to inspire the kids with the work they do.

Thinking he’s been invited to speak, Tom is elated…until Samantha asks him to film the event, for free. He agrees but only on the proviso that he gets to speak, and principal Graham Tucker (Drew Forsythe) reluctantly agrees.

Tom is devastated to discover that the keynote speaker is actually his younger and much more successful brother Carmichael (Josh Lawson). But Tom is determined not to let Carmichael steal the limelight.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, January 29 at 8:30pm

Wednesday, 21 January 2009 9:05pm

Move over Michael Moore! Australian documentary filmmaker Tom Chandon (Rob Carlton), is ready to turn the filmmaking world upside down. The eight-part comedy series, Chandon Pictures follows the amusing misadventures of Tom Chandon and his hapless video production company – Chandon Pictures.

Tom’s portfolio doesn’t extend much beyond wedding videos – but he’s a dreamer. With the help of his loyal cameraman Nick (Darren Gilshenan), pragmatic producer Lucy (Rebecca Massey) and a good dose of his own self-delusion, Tom manages to twist each client’s brief to cater to his own documentary-making dreams. To date, his greatest achievement has been a strange little film called, Bonzo: The Clown that Killed a Child. Constant reality checks are delivered by his successful, younger brother Carmichael (Josh Lawson), but Tom’s determined to make a difference. He “just wants to do something great while he’s alive…and without selling out to Hollywood”.

Written and created by Rob Carlton, Chandon Pictures features a guest cast from a great line-up of well known Australian faces including; Justine Clarke, Angus Sampson, Ed Kavalee, Graeme Blundell, Peter Phelps and Jessica Napier.

In the first episode, Tom is engaged to film a wedding video – but this isn’t the usual wedding. Sherbert (Kathryn Beck) and David (Ed Kavalee) are in love and have been since childhood. There’s only one problem – they’re cousins. Tom struggles to be compassionate about his project, but it could just be his next big thing. Of course, the family just want a nice, proper video, one they can be proud to show their friends and family.

The cousins aren’t allowed to be married in a church, so it’s to be a small affair at David’s parents’ house. Fortunately they have found a priest, Reverend Bevan (Angus Sampson), who is willing to perform the service. Despite some awkward moments, the wedding goes ahead without a hitch…well almost.

Chandon Pictures will be repeated on ABC2 – Thursday, January 22 at 8:30pm