cirque du soleil

Sunday April 1


CIRQUE DU SOLEIL has dazzled audiences around the world with its astonishing, eccentric and high energy performances combining breathtaking acrobatics, brilliant light displays, spectacular costumes and bewitching music. Now the thrill of one of their greatest productions, QUIDAM, has been captured on-screen in an entertainment extravaganza for all ages.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL PRESENTS QUIDAM is a family television special that takes its unique, award-winning show from under the big top and brings it into homes to enjoy forever! Quidam was recorded live in Amsterdam following a successful three year tour across North America.

“Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam mixes magical spontaneity with artful melancholy”
– Los Angeles Times

“Quidam is prime, mature Cirque. It is beyond circus, beyond theater; it makes the incredible visible” – Time Magazine

About QUIDAM: a nameless passer-by, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner, a person rushing past. It could be anyone, anybody. Someone coming, going, living in our anonymous society. A member of the crowd, one of the silent majority. One who cries out, sings and dreams within us all.

A young girl (Audrey Brisson-Jutras) fumes; she has already seen everything there is to see, and her world has lost all meaning. Her anger shatters her little world, and she finds herself in the universe of Quidam. She is joined by a joyful companion (Matthew Baker) as well as another character (Mark Ward), more mysterious, who will attempt to seduce her with the marvelous, the unsettling and the terrifying.

PLEASE NOTE: Screens in all markets except Adelaide