Find My Family

Movie: The Ten Commandments, 8.30pm, ABC2.

This monumental dramatisation of the book of Exodus re-creates the life of Moses from his infancy through to his deliverance of the Israelites. This is the original 1956 movie, starring Chalton Heston and Yul Brynner.

Movie: The Ten Commandments, 11.40pm, Seven

Made in 2006, this remake of the 1956 original is a spectacular, violent human drama and grand inspiration that has earned its stature as the greatest story ever told. Stars Dougray Scott, Linus Roache, Naveen Andrews, Mía Maestro, Padma Lakshmi, Omar Sharif and many more.

Rockwiz, SBS ONE, 9.20pm.

With Gemma ray & John English. Rock music’s most famous faces continue to mix it with the best local trivia buffs. Host Julia Zemiro asks the questions and Brian Nankervis adjudicates over the mayhem.

Find My Family, SBS TWO, 7.30pm.

From the something different and a little odd department comes the Dutch version of a hugely successful international series where regular people undertake exciting and emotional journeys looking for long-lost relatives and friends.

Inspector Morse, 8.40pm, 7TWO.

Combined with Heartbeat, this show helps 7TWO achieve massive ratings shares on Saturday nights. Inspector Morse is a gentle romantic with a knack for solving the most puzzling of mysteries. But it’s a very interesting case when the respectable Inspector Morse is on top of a list of suspects. His lady friend, Beryl Newsome, is found murdered, and even the loyal Sergeant Lewis has to admit that all the clues point to Morse. Beryl is stabbed at a dress rehearsal for the local amateur dramatic society’s production of The Magic Flute.

Movie: Casablanca, GEM, 6.30pm.

The 1942 classic gets another airing on GEM tonight. Rick Blaine is a world-weary ex-freedom fighter who runs a nightclub in Casablanca during the height of World War II. His world is soon turned upside down when his lost love, Isla, returns by the side of a famed rebel. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Peter Lorre, Claude Rains

Seven has changed their mind about airing new travel series High Road, Low Road at 7pm on Saturdays.

The new series, which explores the comparison between travelling to destinations with little or no budget to what it would be like with unlimited budget, has been placed on hold, in favour for playing out the remaining two unaired episodes of Find My Family.

Find My Family can now be seen at 7pm Saturday Dec 4 and Dec 11, while 7pm Dec 18 is an episode of Medical Emergency.

The future of High Road, Low Road is not clear – it may end up on Seven at another time, or go to 7TWO. The style of show is a good fit for one of 7TWO’s lifestyle nights. Although, having watched previews of the show, it fits perfectly into Saturday night on Seven, and makes a good show to follow No Leave, no Life at 6.30pm. Seven must have other ideas now.

Meanwhile, Seven have updated their movies for week 51. At 8.30pm Thur Dec 16 is the movie The Mummy Returns. At 8.30 Fri Dec 17, is The Santa Clause 3, followed by We’re Here to Help.

Sat Dec 18 at 8.30 is Carols in the Domain, which will be encored on 7TWO at 4.30 Fri Dec 24. Most shows on 7TWO in the week leading up to Christmas are Christmas specials, while on 7mate, programming is much the same as usual – you’d hardly notice it was Christmas with regular programming on Fri Dec 24 and Sat Dec 25.


8:00pm – Monday, June 14 on Seven

A woman discovers the startling truth about how her family was torn apart this week on FIND MY FAMILY.

Victoria is looking for family – any family. She knows nothing about the circumstances of her birth – before she was given up for adoption – or how many siblings she has.

What Victoria is about to find is that she’s from one of the biggest families in Australia. Victoria will also learn the shocking truth about how her family came apart at the seams.

8:00pm – Monday, June 7 on Seven

A woman recovering from cancer goes in search of her birth parents, this week on FIND MY FAMILY.

Nanette is in remission after being diagnosed with cancer. She grew up in a good family, knowing all along she’d been adopted. Nanette wants to meet with either of her birth parents, but is she prepared for the awful truth about her conception? Nanette will find out that a man got fingerprinted, charged and jailed around the time she was born. That man has a direct connection to Nanette, and he’s kept the story a secret for 40 years – until now.

Steven has kept a photo of his infant son for 28 years. It’s his most prized possession, and Steven is not giving it up for anyone until he’s re-united with his son. Powerful emotions will be unleashed when father and son come face to face for the first time.

8:00pm – Monday, May 31 on Seven

A young mum is in for a big surprise when she goes in search of her dad, this week on FIND MY FAMILY.

Stay-at-home mum Crystal hasn’t seen her dad Cecil in over 20 years after he divorced her mother. The 22-year-old wants Cecil to know he’s got two wonderful grand kids. And she’s in for a surprise of her own.

Twins Lester and Diana have been re-united but Lester has no idea that he’s got two older sisters as well. He’s about to find out how tough his life would have been if he hadn’t been given up by his mother at birth. The truth is going to hurt.

8:00pm – Monday, May 24 on Seven

A woman’s search for her mother takes a surprising turn, this week on FIND MY FAMILY.

Alesha, 28, is looking for her birth mother. She doesn’t know much about her, except for the fact she has an intellectual disability. Alesha’s search takes a big left turn. She finds another close relative who she never even knew about.

Lester hasn’t seen his twin sister in more than 50 years. He was separated from her at birth, and is desperate to re-connect. Lester thinks his twins name is Lorraine, and she lives in New Zealand. Lester has no idea how wrong he is.

8:00pm – Monday, May 10 on Seven

A professional kick boxer goes in search of his baby brother this week on FIND MY FAMILY.

Peter, 33, has risen from the mean streets of Kings Cross to the top of the world rankings as a professional kick boxer. But he’s emotionally scarred because he can’t find his little brother AJ. Peter hasn’t seen AJ for 20 years. He’s scared that AJ might be dead. That he’s gone the same way as Peter’s two other brothers, father, and grandfather – all dead.

May always wanted to have a daughter-father relationship. But she couldn’t, because her dad walked out of her life when she was just a toddler and never came back. Recently May found out her father is dead, but now she’s desperate to know if there’s any other family out there. Just maybe, someone else can tell her what her dad was like. But perhaps May needs to be careful about what she wishes for.

8:00pm – Monday, May 3 on Seven

Tonight, a FIND MY FAMILY special as a bride goes in desperate search of a father she’s never know to walk her down the aisle.

Twenty-eight-year-old Melinda is getting married and wants her father to walk her down the aisle. Problem is, Melinda’s not certain who has dad is.

All she’s been told is his name is Colin, and he had a relationship with her mother Tina, which ended around the time Melinda was conceived.

Melinda’s never been able to ask her mum who her dad is, because Tina died tragically when Melinda was just one.

In this FIND MY FAMILY special, we track down Colin, who is not sure to this day if he is Melinda’s father. Only science can prove it, one way or another. Will Melinda find her father in time for her special day?

The AFL again are experimenting with Monday Night AFL, scheduling a St Kilda Vs Carlton game for the night of Monday, May 10, 2010.

The game will again be aired on Seven. On that night, the game will air from 8pm in Melbourne and Adelaide, and 8.30pm in Perth. The Zoo will remain at 7.30pm. In Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Find My Family will remain on at 8pm. 30 Rock will follow the AFL at 11.45, and air at 11.05 in Sydney and Brisbane. Sydney and Brisbane can see the AFL from 11.35pm.

On Monday May 10, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Trauma will not be seen at all. The three shows return Monday May 17. Seven Sydney and Brisbane will air a yet to be named movie at 8.30pm Monday May 10.

With the Bounce now axed, there is the possibility that Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother will also be held off and moved possibly moved to another timeslot or 7TWO. Both shows have been performing poorly – wedged between Footy shows and varying (of late) 9.30 programming – so it will come as no surprise if Seven schedule repeats of Criminal Minds which rates well for them in that timeslot.

Seven’s Thursday night has been performing very poorly for them, and has been attributed to the network losing the previous week (week 17) of ratings to Nine.

With the Bounce gone this week, and Amazing Race staring this Thursday April 29 at 9.30, it could be an appropriate time for Seven to revamp Thursday nights completely. At this stage, the Matty Johns show remains in Sydney and Brisbane while the AFL states will see the Vicar of Dibley from 7.30pm Thursday April 29.

The heart-warming FIND MY FAMILY returns soon to Channel 7 for its third series.

The moving observational documentary series has reunited long-lost loved ones all across Australian after a life-time of separation.

The program brings together mothers with the children they were forced to give up during tough times; fathers who haven’t seen their kids in decades and brothers and sisters who’ve never met.

In this new series, a bride goes in desperate search of a father she’s never known to walk her down the aisle; a mother who’s keen to wish the son she gave up a happy 50th birthday; and twins separated at birth wishing to be reconnected.

FIND MY FAMILY’S Executive Producer Lyndal Marks says viewers can expect the same gut-wrenching emotion as well as some shocks as some stories will end surprisingly.

“This series will be just as memorable and emotional,” says Marks. “The stories this year have lots of twists and turns. Some of the reunions may not end the way you expect them to but the journey will be worth the ride.

“It’s impossible to watch this kind of television and not be affected. It’s incredibly powerful watching these families reunited after years of being apart.”

FIND MY FAMILY is produced by Quail Television for Channel 7.

The new series will premiere on Monday April 19 at 8pm after The Zoo.