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Hamish and Andy love nothing more than a good ol’ fashion adventure – a passion that has seen them spending years lifting up the most far-flung corners of the globe. But one region has escaped their unskilled eye … until now. Continue reading »

Hamish & Andy love nothing more than a good ‘ole fashion adventure, and this passion has seen them spend the last several years lifting up the most far-flung corners of the globe. But one region of the world has in recent times escaped their unskilled eye.

This unique corner of the globe is home to distinctive cultures, amazing natural beauty and it’s right under our nose. It’s none other than Australia and New Zealand. And they will form the perfect backdrop for Hamish & Andy’s next grand adventure on the Nine Network.
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Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year’s Gap in ratings.

After a solid debut last week of over 1.4 million viewers, Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year dropped this week to 1,069,000 viewers – losing around 30% of the first show’s audience.

The lack of viewers for Gap Year allowed Ten’s The Renovators to gain its biggest audience of the series so far – 1,056,000 – only slightly short of Hamish & Andy. Last night’s episode though was only half an hour long, instead of the usual hour they all have been until now. In 16-39 and 18-45 demos, however, Hamish & Andy easily dominated its timeslot, well ahead of The Renovators. In 25-54’s the two shows were neck to neck, with just 1,000 separating the two – Hamish & Andy only just in front.

Over on Seven, Law and Order: LA only pulled 633,000 for its first episode at 8.30pm, and 454,000 for the second while Law & Order: SVU on Ten pulled 712,000 for its first episode at 9pm, then 495,000 for a repeat at 10pm – easily winning the battle of the Law & Order franchises for Thursday night.

So what will happen to Hamish & Andy next week? Will ratings decline further? Will they stabilise around a million or so, or will they recover and settle at perhaps 1.1 million?

Given that the competition was only half an hour of The Renovators, and two different Law & Order franchises, there may be some very nervous executives at Nine over Hamish & Andy. Sure the first show delivered the results, but the second is a huge drop, and typical trends of the way ratings go with new shows would suggest a further drop next week.

Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year airs on Nine Thursdays, 8.30pm.

Tonight, Nine premiered Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year.

After seeing their specials last year on Ten including the hilarious Caravan of Courage specials, there were expectations that the Gap Year series would be of similar calibre.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

Gap Year opened in the style of a US Late Night show – complete with monologues, an in house band based on New York buskers and a set and props so low budget, you would expect to see on a low budget community TV production.

After several minutes of the show, laughs were hard to find. From the outset, it was clear that Gap Year would not even live up to close to what the 2010 Caravan of Courage specials delivered.

The first episode promised interviews with Taylor Swift and Neil Patrick Harris. The show had far too much talk from Hamish and Andy, and even resorted to an in house robot – R2 To Do – not funny? Craig Fergusson has a robot of sorts on his show (which airs nightly on ELEVEN).

In both interviews, Hamish and Andy dominated trying to make them funny rather than interviewing the guests. Taylor Swift honestly looked like she wanted to be somewhere else – and who could blame her.

As for Neil Patrick Harris, he was only on for a few minutes in the dying stages of the show. For someone who is on a major TV show and has hosted most award genres, it is embarrassing to see a talent treated this way.

As someone who has enjoyed Hamish and Andy on radio as well as their TV specials until now, Gap Year was nothing short of disappointing. Such a let down for guys who have so much to offer.

Frankly speaking Nine have another Ben Elton situation in their hands – and we all know what happened to that show – another which had so much promise yet delivered so little – and was off air well before planned.

Here, we were looking forward to Hamish and Andy’s latest TV offering but were left disappointed.

What happens with the show will depend on how ratings go – but if the first episode is anything to go by, they have alot to do to make the show a success.

Let’s see if Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year can be on air longer than Ben Elton’s Live on Planet Earth was earlier this year.

Comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee will depart the country soon to begin their “gap year” that will be turned into a show for Channel Nine.

The pair are due to head to New York where they will film for their new series, which will be similar in style to their Caravan of Courage format.

“The first thing we will be finding is a pub that plays Aussie rules,” Blake says of their arrival in New York.

Next up will be a trip to the strip club that Kevin Rudd visited on a boozy night out in 2003.

“If Ruddy lets us borrow his medallion we would love to go there,” Lee said.

“We will go and have a look and see if the plaque is still there on the seat.”

The pair will be joined by Hamish’s girlfriend Zoe Foster on the trip.

“She will come up in a month or so,” Blake said.

“It is the first time a partner has come on one of these boy trips, so she is going to wear a beard and play the role of ‘Zane’, the cool third dude member.”

Lee added: “Yeah, the third dude that Hamish kisses a lot.”

The pair will be hosting a farewell party on the internet tonight.

Source: Herald Sun

The list of the top 250 TV personalities in Australia based on Q Scores has been released by research company Audience Development Australia and supposedly the country’s favourite personality is comedian Hamish Blake.

Blake, one half of comedy duo Hamish and Andy, edged out the likes of Andrew Denton and Rebecca Gibney to take the top spot. His partner in crime, Andy Lee, was ranked 13th on the list.

Gold Logie winner Karl Stefanovic comes in at 135 on the list while his breakfast TV rival David Koch paced at 68.

The Q Scores are used by TV networks and major advertisers to help cast presenters and programs and to aid in advertising. They are one measure of a certain personality’s popularity alongside TV ratings, Logies and public profiles.

Here are the top 25:

1. Hamish Blake

2. Andrew Denton

3. Rebecca Gibney

4. Michael Caton

5. John Clarke

6. Ernie Dingo

7. Toni Collette

8. Jennifer Hawkins

9. Adam Hills

10. Magda Szubanski

11. Shaun Micallef

12. Dr. Harry Cooper

13. Andy Lee

14. Ahn Do

15. Dave Hughes

16. Rove McManus

17. Shane Bourne

18. Adam Gilchrist

19. Scott Cam

20. Megan Gale

21. Paul McDermott

22. Sigrid Thornton

23. Grant Denyer

24. Noni Hazlehurst

25. Amanda Keller


Source: The Australian

In a rare example of foresight, Hamish and Andy have announced that they’ve “kind of, pretty much” decided what they want to do with the extra time they have in 2011 – they are going on a gap year to America.

However, Hamish and Andy remembered that they told Channel Nine they would do a TV show this year as well, so while continuing their weekly radio show for Austereo’s Today Network, they’ll now attempt to combine their dream gap year with a TV series. 

The intrepid adventurers will set off in the second half of the year, setting up shop in New York to do a weekly show for Australia: Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year.

Hamish explained: “Tragically, we never took a gap year after school, instead devoting ourselves to a gruelling six hours a week of university.” Andy added: “This year will be a chance to right that terrible wrong and at the same time enjoy our other passion: making television. America also serves soft drink in really huge cups, so Hame can’t wait.”

Hamish said: “The whole point of this gap year is to see where the journey will take us, who we might meet, and what might happen. Sort of like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but hopefully with fewer dragons.  Actually on second thought, finding a dragon would be terrific. We should look into that.”

As well as actually booking flights, Andy is concerned that there are still some big things to organise. “I haven’t got mum and dad’s permission yet, and Hamish needs to assure his mum he’s responsible enough to borrow her flesh-coloured money belt.”

Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year will go to air on the Nine Network later this year.

This afternoon on their radio show, Hamish & Andy announced that their production company, Radio Karate, has signed a two year deal to produce new programming with the Nine Network.

Hamish & Andy said,  “We don’t really know what the show will be yet, but we are super excited that Channel Nine will press play on the VCR, as we’ve decided to stick with VHS as our format of choice.  The fact that the Nine Network has the London Olympics next year was a big draw card, mainly because we might score a couple of free tickets to see the Latvian synchronized swimming team.”

Responding to speculation about the deal the boys said, “Unfortunately for us the figures reported in the paper were way off, but the fact Channel Nine has agreed to foot the bill for our next adventure is great.”

Radio Karate was last year responsible for Hamish & Andy’s Caravan of Courage: Great Britain and Ireland and Learn India with Hamish & Andy.

Nine’s Director of Television, Michael Healy said, “We’re really excited about the boys joining Channel Nine. They’re great guys and a great fit with Nine’s plans for 2011.”

Andy went on to say, “In far more exciting news, we are also pleased to announce today that we have managed to shave off Hamish’s mullet in one singular piece so it can be rented out as part of Mullets for Monies for Mates with all proceeds going to charity.”

Hamish added, “M4M4M is something that we are really passionate about, so if you have a fancy dress party or even if you are going to Prince William’s wedding, please consider a mullet rental as the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Rentals through hamishandandy.com.”


Hamish and Andy are extremely close to sealing a deal with Channel Nine which would see them attached to the network for two-years.

Under the $15 million deal, the comedy duo would be required to produce a minimum of 10 hours of television content per year through their Radio Karate production company.

If the pair were to sign with Nine, they would have access to the vast recourses the network has in regard to the 2012 London Olympics.

Nine looks set to win the bidding war for the pair, who have fielded offers from all the major networks over the past six months.

Source: HeraldSun

Hamish and Andy have relaunched their website just hours before they return to air. They announced the relaunch on twitter:

New website is live & working guys: http://bit.ly/ht1KGG. Wikipedia is also live & working: www.wikipedia.com. Go to ours though, H&A