Hart to Hart

New to 7TWO, at 9.40pm Monday March 21 is Mrs Bradley Mysteries.


A Speedy Death: Mrs Adela Bradley and her resourceful chauffeur are on the trail of a country-house murderer after a series of deaths at the engagement party of her god-daughter. With a house full of suspects, she charms and schemes until the mystery is solved. Starring DIANA RIGG and NEIL DUDGEON.

Grey’s Anatomy – that was playing at 1.30pm weekdays will finish up on Tue March 22. Great British Journeys will fill the timeslot. Desperate Housewives continues at or near 12.30pm weekdays until Friday March 25.

A new series for Sunday nights, with Rhodes Across India airing at 10.45pm Sundays from March 27. It replaces Restaurant in our Living Room, which finishes with a celebrity special Sunday March 20, 10.30pm.

Gary Rhodes and his team take a trip to India to find the best of authentic Indian cuisine, learn how to cook it, and then cater for a major banquet.

From Monday March 28, 7TWO revamps its afternoon line up.

Murphy Brown remains at 12.00 Midday while Hart to Hart has its first run on 7TWO from 12.30pm Monday March 28. It starts from the pilot. Great British Journeys remains at 1.30pm, Welcome back Kotter moves to 2.30pm, and new to 7TWO at 3.00pm is classic sitcom Perfect Strangers.

7TWO have moved their “arvo movies” back to between 3pm and 4pm – to now be called the “7TWO Late Arvo Movie” . Late Arvo movies will always finish at 6pm – and the varying starting time will result in Perfect Strangers not always being on at 3pm weekdays, and Growing Pains on only some weekdays at 3.30pm – you’ll need to check guides to keep up!

In the first week though, the Late Arvo Movies start at 4pm Tue, Wed, Thur March 29-31, 3.30pm Mon March 28 and 3pm Friday April 1.

Looks like My Kitchen Rules encores will remain, with TBAs on 7TWO 8.30am every Sunday morning. That is the usual timeslot for the MKR encores, which are usually confirmed Thursday each week.

With Daylight Saving ending at 3am Saturday night (Sunday morning) April 2, those states with Daylight Saving get an extra hours of programming somewhere between 3am DLST and 3am EST.