Hospital Chaplains

Every day in Australia over 40,000 patients are in hospital. While medicine tends their bodies, hospital chaplains tend their souls. This series follows the chaplains’ journeys alongside the patients and families at three major hospitals.

Though greatly valued by medical staff, little is known outside the health system about what hospital chaplains actually do. This series offers a rare bedside view of how hospital chaplains help patients and families in need, often in crisis and despair.

While others in the hospital system focus on physical recovery, chaplains offer comfort, guidance and consolation; helping the patients and their families cope with the toughest of life’s traumas.

Chaplains are the quiet achievers and ‘intimate strangers’ of hospital life.

In this series, our chaplains are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist. Regardless of their faith, they all meet the same challenges – to help make sense of the mystery of illness, injury, pain and suffering.

Over eight episodes we follow the chaplains’ journeys alongside patients and their families:  a 7-year-old victim of a hit-and-run, a baby’s miracle birth and the anguished vigil for a father-of-three on life-support … Just a few of the everyday crises captured in this series.

There is suffering, heartache and despair, but also hope, love and joy.

This ground-breaking series captures a unique view of the daily life and death drama of hospital life through our chaplains’ eyes.