Into the universe

The Young Ones, ABC1, 8.30pm
This is the first installment of a five part series that sees a group of elderly British celebrities spend a week in a house set in 1975. Will reliving their former lifestyle have an impact on their health and wellbeing?

Bondi Vet, Ten, 8pm
The Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown, tonight fights to keep Jasper,a kelpie alive after it is brought in to the clinic in a terrible state. Poor Jasper suffered a knock to the head as a puppy that has caused severe balance problems, but his condition is now deteriorating rapidly. Scans show his condition is inoperable, but as always, Dr Chris won’t give up.

Winners and Losers, Seven, 9pm
Bec and Doug are involved in a serious car crash that leaves Sophie struggling to deal with her emotions over the memory of the accident with Leo and her feelings for Doug. While at the crash site, frances finds herself looking after a little girl, bringing up deep seeded issues.

The Closer, Gem, 9.30pm
The brutal murder of an aspiring actress takes a back seat as Brenda prepares for an interview with the mayor about becoming the next chief of police.

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking, SBS ONE, 8.30pm
The final part of this series has Hawking reveals the wonders of the cosmos to a new generation. With the aid of stunning CGI, he explores the splendour and majesty of the universe as never seen before. Hawking explains how the universe began, how it creates stars, black holes and life – and how everything will end.

Survivor: Redemption Island Final and Reunion, GO! 8.30pm

After 13 episodes, all filmed in Nicaragua, we are now at the final of Survivor: Redemption Island. The show initially had two returning players – Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz, and sixteen new players. In this finale we see three compete for the final vote. After finding out the winner we will then get all the past contestants rejoin together and discuss their experiences during the game and on Redemption Island.


Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking, SBS ONE 8.30pm

In this 4 part series, physicist Stephen Hawking hosts an epic new kind of cosmology series. It takes the world’s most famous scientific mind and sets it free, powered by the limitless possibilities of computer animation. Hawking gives us the ultimate guide to the universe, a ripping yarn based on real science, spanning the whole of space and time – from the nature of the universe itself, to the chances of alien life, and the real possibility of time travel. In the first episode Hawking joins science and imagination to explore one of the most important mysteries facing humankind – the possibility of alien, intelligent life and the likelihood of future “contact.” Traveling from the moons of Jupiter to a galaxy maybe not so far, far away, he’ll introduce us to possible alien life forms -in stunning CGI – that face the same universal trials of adaptation and survival as the residents of Earth.


As It Happened: The SS-Odessa, SBS TWO  8.30pm

In the very last days of World War 2, an underground Nazi organisation called Odessa ensured that many SS leaders were able to avoid detection and punishment by establishing and facilitating secret escape routes, known as ratlines, and helping them to flee overseas. An interesting doco on a horrific time of the world.


Sea Patrol, Nine 8.30pm

Kate (Lisa McCune) uncovers a deadly conspiracy when she investigates a cluster of rare illnesses on a remote island. Hammersley is on the hunt for a ship suspected of dumping toxic chemicals into tropical waters.


NCIS: Los Angeles, Ten 9.30pm

California highway patrol officer Paul Beane, is part of a corrupt network that Callen (Chris O’Donnell) infiltrated six months earlier because Pendleton camp marines were presumed  to be involved. Beane was shot after refusing a ‘courier job’ and his CHiP partner Jennifer Grear, who spends money like water and is running for the taxi service gang herself,  names recruiter Steve Brenner and several presumed ‘enforcers’ as French anti-terrorist agents.