Jiordan Tolli

jiordanA deadlock instigated by Ronan Keating has forced Jiordan Tolli out of The X Factor, leaving her mentor Redfoo “gutted”.

Tolli was in the final showdown against Third D3gree, who managed to survive another week, after Keating could not decide who to send home himself.

As Redfoo’s last remaining contestant, Jiordan said, “This has been the most incredible experience of my life! I’ve grown so much as an artist and a person and so grateful for this opportunity.” Continue reading »

jiordanWho will go home tonight? Will Ronan finally lose one of his boys – or will a judge end up without anyone to mentor? Nathaniel from The X Factor will debut his new single. James Blunt will also perform. The top 6 open with “We Come Running” from Youngblood Hawk.

Ronan realises that the odds are stacked against him tonight and thinks one of his boys will probably be in the bottom two – he says he’s just being realsitic he says. Dannii isn’t even that confident with Dami – but wait there is breaking news that in three weeks time that ONE DIRECTION will perform at the Grand Final this year – their only TV appearance. Continue reading »

Dami rockTonight the top 8 perform in ROCK week! It’s obvious though I have very different views than the judges (as usual) though.

First  up  is

Dami Im – Best Of You by The Foo Fighters.

She looks amazing! Of course she is utterly amazing – what can’t this girl do? The lights are amazing as she belts it out – she’s raw, edgy and I love this side of her! She get’s a standing ovation from everyone – including me. Continue reading »

xfactorThis show comes down to looks I believe. Yes I know it’s all about the marketability, but honestly I’m bummed at the top 12. By the way the males under 25′s is short and sweet – Thanks 7 for that!

Team Ronan – Males Under 25

Georgie – Did you think you’d get this far? the performance yesterday though I wasn’t impressed with but I know Australia will fall in love with you (haven’t they already) – I have to send you home (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved Georgie) Continue reading »

Top12Tonight’s final Home Visit on THE X FACTOR was emotion-charged as the judge’s had to say goodbye to half of their acts to arm themselves with their top three to sing it out at next week’s all important first live show.

Thousands across Australia auditioned, and following months of fierce competition, the performers who blew the nation and judges away, and captured our hearts, have been revealed.

They’ve stood out from thousands at nerve-racking auditions, survived Super Boot Camp and travelled the world for Home Visits. Continue reading »