Lahore Law

Starts July 18, Saturdays, at 8.30pm

For the first time ever, in this three part series; a documentary team has filmed Pakistan’s Criminal and Civil Courts in action. Lahore Law is an intimate encounter with a legal system that’s a legacy of the British Raj. The courts are overstretched and bureaucratic, the justice rough and ready.

The first case ‘Murder at the Shrine’ witnesses the trial of Babar Islam, a man who stands accused of killing a holy man at a shrine where they both worked. At first glance, the case against him seems powerful. His legal-aid defence attorney is inexperienced in criminal law. His prosecutor, one of Lahore’s most powerful lawyers, is confident he will get the death penalty. But Babar Islam insists he is innocent, and as the credibility of the evidence is stripped away there is a mounting sense that he may be executed for a crime he did not commit.