MasterChef Australia

Australia’s best home cooks will be showcased on this season of MasterChef Australia and two of the hopefuls competing for the illustrious title are Queenslander Emily Loo and West Australia’s Amy Shields.

Emily hits the competition all guns blazing, using spice and all things nice to perfect her dish. But will it be enough to impress George, Gary and Matt?

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The world’s most-loved cooking show is one step closer to returning with the launch of TEN’s first promotion for season six of MasterChef Australia.

Built around the philosophy of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Food, the clip features some of this year’s contestants in a home environment, finishing in the MasterChef Australia kitchen where so many culinary dreams have been realised. Continue reading »

ossianoNow the six losing contestants from yesterday’s challenge face elimination (Kelty, Christina, Rishi, Samira, Lucy and Lynton).

Taking over the Ossiano kitchen at Atlantis, The Palms hotel they must prepare dinner for 50 VIP Atlantis guests joined by Ossiano Vice President Mark Patten. They will each be responsible for one dish; an entrée, main or dessert. The worst dish of the day will be eliminated. Continue reading »

mc53It’s the highlight of every MasterChef Australia series: the international trip. Thanks to Qantas, the remaining eight contestants find themselves winging their way to Dubai, with two lucky contestants winning a special trip to Paris in World Food Week.

Sunday, August 11, 7.30pm
Welcome to Dubai. In four teams of two, the contestants will face a challenge that sees them shop in the local souk and then travel to the desert to prepare, cook and serve a banquet to 36 VIP Emirati guests. Continue reading »

himymMany of us are all too quick to suggest a show is a flop or has not done as well as expected based on overnight ratings. But the real story and what actually counts towards the overall result of ratings is how shows do in consolidated ratings. Consolidated ratings include what people have recorded and watched within 7 days of original broadcast while overnight ratings only include what is watched on the night – whether live or recorded and watched on the same night before 2am. Continue reading »

mcblumenthalAfter Heston Blumenthal joined the remaining nine contestants last night, who couldn’t believe their eyes, they had the challenge of being split into three teams. Having to recreate Heston’s royal jubilee trifle, the best team was the Yellow team, consisting of Daniel, Rishi and the gorgeous Christina.

So they are now fighting for that immunity pihn and the challenge is simple, contestants get 90 minutes to cook either an entrée, main or dessert while Heston has to cook all three courses in the same time. In front of each contestant is a box containing a typical ingredient found in French cuisine. Continue reading »

heston mcIt’s another big week on MasterChef Australia as uber chef Heston Blumenthal joins us for an entire week of challenges as mentor and judge.

Sunday, August 4, 7.30pm
The remaining nine contestants can’t believe their eyes when the one and only Heston Blumenthal enters the MasterChef Australia kitchen. Today’s challenge is a team challenge with the nine contestants split into three teams. Contestants have two hours and a recipe to recreate Heston’s royal jubilee trifle. The team that best re-creates the trifle will get to battle it out for immunity tomorrow where all three members could walk away with an immunity pin. Continue reading »

VernVern Fitzgerald was the first contestant to bow out of the MasterChef Australia Top 10 tonight, after a breakfast service challenge at Gary Mehigan’s Boathouse restaurant. The five contestants up for elimination each had to design a breakfast menu item to serve to 100 hungry patrons, with Gary running the kitchen.

Vern designed a Japanese-inspired breakfast pizza, with smoked trout, asparagus, miso butter and sesame seeds. While the judges commended his creativity and enjoyed the flavours he put on the plate, Vern’s performance throughout service slowed the team down. Continue reading »

nehaSee Ya Neha!

It was death by chocolate for Neha Sen in the MasterChef Australia kitchen tonight, after she left a piece of baking paper in one of her layers when replicating the recipe of one of Australia’s most highly regarded pastry chefs, chocolatier Kirsten Tibbles’ deliciously difficult chocolate cake. Continue reading »

mc ballThe pressure’s on today when the six remaining pairs are tasked with the challenge of recreating Nick Palumbo’s black forest ice-cream cake, in a relay style challenge. The pairs are divided into three teams of four, with each team member getting 45 minutes in the freezer working through the recipe. In the last ten minutes of the challenge all team members may enter the freezer to help assemble the cake. The team with the least impressive ice cream cake will join the onlookers in the gantry. Continue reading »