MasterChef Australia

pipOn MasterChef Australia tonight the seven remaining pairs are given free rein to cook whatever they like… but there’s a catch. They must produce two identical dishes, while being separated from their partners by a large divider, meaning they cannot see or taste their partners dish until the tasting. The duo who fail to mirror each other’s work and impress the judges, will find themselves in the gantry for the rest of the week. Continue reading »

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This elimination was SO WRONG in my opinion!

MasterChef: The Professionals Elimination #8
Cameron Bailey, New South Wales, 26, Chef

It was game over for Cameron Bailey tonight, after he and Michael battled it out in the toughest challenge ever seen in the MasterChef: The Professionals kitchen. A head-to-head service challenge saw Cameron and Michael plan and prepare a six-dish menu for 120 guests. Continue reading »

The new year is barely upon us yet we are being bombarded by countless sneak peeks and promos for new shows “coming soon” in 2013 – which will only ramp up as the year gets under way.

Believe me, the networks generally know when they plan to air most shows but constantly hit us with those vague words “coming soon” or “new in 2013″ as actual air dates are closely guarded secrets until within a few weeks prior to the scheduled date. Continue reading »

Ten have confirmed that MasterChef will be moving to Melbourne.

After four incredible seasons based in Sydney, MasterChef Australia is spreading its culinary wings and heading south to the home of Australian food culture – Melbourne.

The recent sale of the Alexandria kitchen in Sydney sparked a search for a new location and an exciting opportunity to find a new home for the much-loved cooking show. Continue reading »

Here is Johnson Leung’s fantastic recap of the All Stars MasterClass:

Hayden and Julie were absent from the episode as they had other commitments. All other All-Stars were present. Continue reading »

Just last week rumours were abuzz about when the Masterchef Grand Final would be for 2012. Now we can reveal what day the Grand Final really is.

This week on Masterchef sees the top 10 take part in Italy week. By the end of this week, there will be 8 left.

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Top 24

State: NSW

Age: 48

Flamboyant and self-assured, Andrew is a successful hairdresser with his own business.

The son of a truck driver and one of seven children, Andrew was raised in the countryside but says he has a “city heart”. As a teenager, he often starred in high school musicals.

Recently married for the second time, Andrew met his current wife when she served him in a café two years ago. They live with her children – and Andrew has two – children from his first marriage.

Andrew is inspired by the “creation” and invention elements of cooking and enjoys the challenge of having limited ingredients. His earliest food memory is making short crust pastry for apple pies with his Mum and he was making roasts for his family before he left home. Continue reading »

Top 24
Legal Secretary

State: QLD

Age: 25

Julia is a legal secretary in a law firm and also a music teacher, teaching the piano to children. But she also has a market stall selling her cupcakes, spices and biscuits.

“I take off every second Friday to bake. I rent a kitchen in the local sporting hockey club and then I sell on the Saturday.”

Julia has been baking since she was eight years old. The first ‘dish’ she made was chocolate profiteroles.

Julia grew up in the country town of Gladstone and has been married for a year. She met her husband Justin at the pub she used to work at – he was her boss. Continue reading »