Wondering how the contestants on MasterChef fared after the competition? I’ve gathered information from social media, news reports and interviews and I’m happy to say that most of them are still in the food industry. This year has been a great year of very good cooks.

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It’s the final! In a show of friendship it looks like Brent and Laura have decided to style their hair the same way in a top knot. Who would’ve thought that Laura and Brent are going to be the ones to win it this season? I never saw Brent as a finalist; however he is like a sponge and has been able learn how to play the competition quickly. Laura on the other hand has been the young one who was going to revolutionise Italian cooking. I didn’t think someone who has a specialised cuisine could’ve gone far. Good for the both of them.

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It’s the semi-finals! It’s going to be over soon. Was the semi-finals really necessary? They could’ve fit in one more elimination in finals week. It’ll be the end of one person on the back of a service challenge! The good thing is that Brent, Laura and Emelia get to plan their two courses the night before.

Brent did very well in the previous service challenge while Emelia had a really hard time. Laura hasn’t been in a service challenge for a while too. It’ll be interesting to see how they all fare.

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There is one more elimination until we get to the semi finals. It’s a pressure test where Emelia, Jamie and Brent will need to compete. Brent has all the advantage as he knows and hopefully has completed the recipes a lot of times the night before. It’s a dessert challenge from Sepia’s Martin Benn.

Emelia is good at dessert (show your skills!). Jamie however has done a hell of a good job in pressure tests so far surviving 5 of them. The dessert is ‘forest floor’. There’s a sorbet, some brown chocolate sticks, jelly, cream, cookie dough and a lot of other elements. They have 3 hours. Can you imagine cooking at full pressure for 3 hours? Darn.

Sorbet should be simple, according to Brent. You just have to hope that the ice cream machine works. It seems he has gone through the entire recipe once the night before and focussed on some elements that are harder. Brent put 4 grams of agar in his brandy jelly. I swear I heard it was suppose to be 3 grams. His jelly doesn’t turn out well as it’s all frozen wrong and cloudy, I bet it’s the agar! George even brings over Emelia’s jelly and says, look at what a terrible job you did compared to her! Brent has problems with his cream.

Emelia is hilarious. She has read the recipe and then said she’ll copy Brent’s order of things. What a sneak. Smart though. Martin is being awesome and helping. Her crumb is a little too high so she gets told to flatten it. Martin is so soft spoken and helpful. I like him. She’s pretty much on par with Brent. So apparently she’s an expert at tempering chocolate and has taught Brent and Jamie in the past. It’s nice but if you think about it, it’s silly since $250000 is on the line. Her chocolate skills are showing in recreating the sticks. Hers look a lot more controlled and less wobbly than Brent’s. She has even overtaken Brent just a tad! Her praline cream is not working though. First problem she had!

Jamie has not read the whole recipe! But hey, he has been in a lot of pressure tests so he knows what to do. He thinks he knows what to do. Dessert is really getting on his nerves though. Jamie’s cream is a little too liquidy. Martin comes over and tells him that his lavender cream should be thick before he gets to beating it. Martin is awesome in that he gives him tips to fix that. Not reading ahead has cost him. Gary talks Jamie through the tempering of the chocolate with the temperature. Tempering chocolate seems like such a huge PAIN. I don’t think I’ll ever do it. Jamie has problems with his lavender cream.

Everyone has problems with the cream. It just depends on who has the best quick fix for it. Brent adds gelatine and it stabilises! Emelia does the same and also whisks it over an ice bath. Success! Jamie however keeps whisking and whisking until he decides to give up and go on to plating.

The advantage really helped Brent. Without it he would’ve definitely had a lot more problems. Emelia was gun though. I am so impressed! There were no mishaps and she had fixed the one problem she did have. I won’t be surprised if her dish is better than Brent’s. The plating looks better than the others. Did Jamie seem extremely deflated to anyone else?

Judgement Time

  • Emelia: Everything is good except for the sorbet which is a little too aerated. The chocolate is tad too thick too, but sweet Martin said he was just nick-picking.
  • Jamie: The sorbet looks and taste amazing. No tempered chocolate snap. The cream looks split.
  • Brent: The presentation is not so good. Good sorbet and best mousse. The jelly is cloudy and mushy.

Emelia is definitely safe and I am happy. Go Emelia! For his bad chocolate and cream, Jamie is eliminated. Brent didn’t really take much advantage of his win yesterday but it has managed to save him. Jamie wants to open a cocktail restaurant. It sounds like a good idea because who doesn’t like cocktails! I think he’s going to open one in Sydney soon with himself as head chef. Good for him I say. I’m also stoked that it’s in Sydney.

It’s the top 3 I wanted! Yay! Emelia for the win! But I would be happy with any of them. What do you guys think of the top 3? Happy?

It is the final service challenge! Jamie, Emelia and Brent are heading to Vue de Monde, a three hated restaurant. They’re cooking for 60 patrons. What’s at stake? Nothing, except maybe upsetting a bunch of VIP customers. Though there is a huge advantage in that the best performer is going to get the recipe for the pressure test tomorrow.

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There’s no elimination tonight but there is a challenge for one contestant to go straight into the semi finals. The show makes the contestants face off against each other on a 3 rounds of one on one. Laura gets to pick who gets to go up against, the protein and the cuisine. How convenient for the Italian cuisine queen.

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In another tough day in finals week the challenge for today is that there is no challenge. What? That’s right. It’s an open pantry, no rules cook off. This is the perfect chance for Brent to cook that dish he wanted to cook for his father. How convenient for him. What do the others want? Tracy doesn’t want chicken (shock!) she wants seafood. Emelia wants Greek and Laura wants Italian. Jamie wants to run around and forage for ingredients. Jamie is odd.

Emelia and Jamie are the biggest competition minded people so they don’t like it. Too much freedom! The group decides on 90 minutes. Winner gets an advantage and loser goes home.

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Finals week! I am excited. It’s a super harsh week where we’ll be getting an elimination today. By the end of the week the group will be cut down by half till you get the final 3. Today we had a Mystery box and pressure test! Wow it’s like 2 episodes in one. Extreme!

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The final Heston challenge involves making things taste not as they appear. So basically what Laura had to do in yesterday’s challenge. Ben, Tracy, Amy and Brent are up against each other where one will go home right before finals week. I know who I’m rooting for (Go Tracy!), who do you want to get through?

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Finally a challenge worthy of Heston week! The challenge today involves enhancing the other sense while eating. There’s only 4 contestants left in white and 3 of those will go straight into finals week while one goes into tomorrow’s elimination challenge. Amy has an advantage again. I’m rooting for her to pull through and get into the finals based on how well she has done this week.

Taste is the most important sense in terms of food so every contestant will have to pick another sense to showcase. Amy gets to pick first. The rest have a knife pull for priority choice.

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