Million Dollar Minute

Contestant Joe Comer has already won $75,000 to fund his PhD dream in SwitzerlandCash-strapped teacher Joe Comer has won the biggest pay-day of his life on Million Dollar Minute and tonight he eyes the ultimate prize in the quiz show’s series return.

With his favourite letters of the alphabet tattooed on his wrists; and the ability to name America’s 50 states in a heartbeat, Million Dollar Minute contestant Joe Comer is not your average Joe.

The 27-year-old university tutor from Brunswick East in Victoria stunned viewers with his encyclopedic knowledge, winning a guaranteed $75,000 on the final episode of 2014. Continue reading »

An unemployed, “seriously overweight” and debt ridden university student has just won a fortune on Million Dollar Minute this afternoon on Channel 7 with plans to use the money for an extreme make-over.

Balwyn North medical student, Jonathan Somic, became the first contestant to win five unbeaten consecutive rounds of Million Dollar Minute in a row this afternoon. The impressive feat has earnt him a life-changing cash windfall of $212,000.

The stellar ‘quiz kid’ is wasting no time in spending the cash with plans that include travelling overseas to lose weight at an extreme fitness camp in Thailand.

“I have to clear my credit card debts first and pay my parents back on some big cash loans but then I am going to fat-camp to lose 50 kilos – I currently weigh 150 kilos,” Somic said.

million dollar bThe 26-year-old still lives at home with his parents and said he was “flat broke, unemployed and seriously overweight” when he auditioned for the quiz show. He couldn’t even afford the bus ticket to get to the Million Dollar Minute studio – his Dad had to drive him.

“After I won I didn’t have enough credit on my phone to call my dad with the good news,” an overjoyed Somic said.

Despite his record-breaking run on the show, Somic said he chose to take his $212,000 cash win rather than risk losing it by staying and playing on for the next $300,000 jackpot on Million Dollar Minute. Continue reading »

03 Johnathan wins history making jackpot_resize

Jonathan Maher creates Australian quiz show history pocketing $510,500 before boarding an international flight to reunite with his wife.

After risking the wrath of his wife by ditching a planned holiday to Europe to chase cash on Seven’s Million Dollar Minute, Jonathan Maher’s gamble has paid off with a record windfall.

The 36-year-old lawyer today won $510,500 in what’s believed to be the biggest cash win on an afternoon quiz show in Australia, exceeding the previous record of $503,000 by Pierre Sutcliffe. Continue reading »

02 Million dollar hopeful Johnathan Maher with his lucky bottle of Grange

A Melbourne lawyer competing for a record jackpot on Seven’s Million Dollar Minute walked off set and purchased a pastie and one of the world’s most expensive and collectable wines to channel his focus.

After polishing-off the pastie, Jonathan Maher, 36, stopped by his local bottle shop and picked up a bottle of Penfolds Grange after earlier turning down the chance to walk away with more than $300,000. Continue reading »

01 Johnathan fingers crossed with Million $ Minute host Simon Reeve

A Melbourne lawyer joked he could find himself in need of legal advice if he fails to win the prize purse on Seven’s quiz show Million Dollar Minute after choosing to ditch a flight to meet his wife.

Jonathan Maher, 36, had a pre-booked ticket in his pocket to join his spouse on a planned overseas holiday but backed-out after winning $200,000 on the quiz show late this afternoon. Continue reading »

million dollar b

The Seven Network today announced Seven Productions’ Million Dollar Minute’s move into New Zealand.

The new gameshow – created, developed and produced by Seven – has recorded significant audience gains, closing the gap on the incumbent game show on one network and successfully counter-programming against news on another. Continue reading »

Lisa Paton’s fearless bid to win $1,000,000 is over after the single mother was eliminated tonight in a heart-stopping episode of Seven’s Million Dollar Minute.

Playing for the ultimate jackpot of one million dollars for a third time, Lisa was caught in a three-way tie with two new contestants and just one question remaining in the elimination round. Continue reading »

Australia’s bravest quiz show contestant – single mum Lisa Paton – will return tonight on Million Dollar Minute for a history-making third attempt at winning $1 million dollars.

Once again Lisa came agonizingly close to securing the magical million dollars on last night’s episode of Million Dollar Minute – successfully winning through to the jackpot round but then failing to answer all five questions correctly. Continue reading »

million dollar b

Only three questions stood between Lisa Paton, 38, and a million dollar pay day but the single mother from Melbourne fell at the final hurdle on Seven’s Million Dollar Minute yesterday afternoon.

After becoming the first contestant in Australia to ever play for one million dollars on an afternoon TV quiz show, Lisa failed to answer three of the five questions correctly in the jackpot round to win. Continue reading »

Lisa won a life-changing $500,000 this afternoon on Million Dollar Minute but remarkably she chose not to take the money – opting instead to play on for the magical one million dollars.

A 38-year-old single mother from Mt Waverley with a background in early childhood services management, Lisa is the first contestant since the quiz show’s inception to play for the ultimate jackpot level – $1,000,000. Continue reading »