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Here’s a sneak peek at MKR 2015

STRICTLY EMBARGOED  UNTIL 10PM AEST TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 2014 MKR winners Bree May and Jessica Liebich.My Kitchen Rules has found their winners with South Australia’s Bree May and Jessica Liebich taking home the 2014 crown.

Proud South Australian mums Bree and Jessica are 2014’s My Kitchen Rules Champions after defeating Western Australia’s Chloe and Kelly in a closely contested and emotionally charged grand final.

An elated Bree and Jessica claimed $250,000 in prize money after scoring 54 out of 60 for their five-course menu, with only two points separating them from Chloe and Kelly on 52 out of 60. Continue reading »

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mkr helena and vikkiSouth Australian mums Bree and Jessica have confirmed their place in tomorrow night’s My Kitchen Rules grand final against Western Australia’s Chloe and Kelly after tonight’s elimination of Victorian twins Helena and Vikki.

Bree and Jessica scored 52 out of 60 for their three course semi-final menu, 10 points above twins Helena and Vikki on 42 out of 60. Continue reading »

chloeThe first of the grand finalists have been found as Paul and Blair bid the MKR kitchen farewell.

Western Australia’s well-travelled friends Chloe and Kelly have claimed their spot in Tuesday night’s MKR grand final after defeating Queensland surfer dads Paul and Blair in last night’s semi-final.

It was a strong start with both teams impressing the judges with their seafood entrees.

Chloe and Kelly’s lobster with smoked salmon and lotus root was praised for its taste and elegant presentation. The only criticism was from judge Guy Grossi who questioned if the smoked salmon had overpowered the dish. Continue reading »

mkrThe final teams have been found and now all you have to do is decide whether you want to watch the beginning of Finals week on MKR or the much hyped Australian vacation episode of Modern Family on Ten.

Victorian twins Helena and Vikki, South Australian mums Bree and Jessica, Western Australian best friends Chloe and Kelly and Queensland surfer dads Paul and Blair are the top 4 teams heading into MKR’s grand final. Continue reading »

chloePreviously on MKR: Paul and Blair did fairly well with their ultimate instant restaurant with 70.

We’re back in Western Australia again (third time lucky) for another round of Chloe and Kelly’s instant restaurant. I’m sure a lot of people are tuning in hoping to see these two crash and burn as the promo suggested. We’ll be having fine dining tonight.

“This ultimate instant restaurant round will prove we’re the ultimate team,” Kelly says. I foresee more ultimates being uttered for the rest of the instant restaurant round.

Chloe and Kelly are delivering on introducing the teams to food that will enhance their palates. We have bone marrow, marron, oxtail, baby goat, venison, elderflower and truffle. These ingredients are so classy and exotic that you wouldn’t find them in Coles, so they shopped elsewhere. Continue reading »

annacWith last night’s scores both being above 50, it’s a true sign that we’re getting to the pointy end of the competition.  A single digit between who goes home and who stays at this level is far more exciting.

Tasmanian BFF’s Thalia & Bianca and South Australian mums Bree & Jessica secured their place in MKR’s Top 5 on Monday after New South Wales mother and daughter team Cathy & Anna, were eliminated after losing the sudden death cook-off.

The three teams battled it out over three rounds with Cathy & Anna winning the first round challenge of trimming and trussing a beef eye fillet.  The win gave the country New South Wales pair the advantage of choosing what ingredients each team would cook with in the next round. Continue reading »

josh and DaniWhat amazes me about these cooking competitions is that after this amount of time, contestants can still walk away with a scorecard that is barely over half way.  No wonder elimination finds them.

Competition rivals Chloe & Kelly and Helena & Vikki won the first two places in MKR’s Top 5 on Wednesday night during Kitchen HQ’s first knock out round, sending Victoria’s Josh and Danielle out of the MKR kitchen.

The experimental foodies left the competition after losing the sudden death cook-off in the third round to fellow Victorians, Helena & Vikki who scored 39 out of 60.  Continue reading »

carly tresne mkrSo much for the circle of empowerment after tonight’s result on MKR.

Carly and Tresne’s famous circle of empowerment failed to protect them from “negativity” on Monday night as the bubbly pair were eliminated from the MKR competition.

The New South Wales teacher and real estate agent lost the sudden death cook-off by one point to South Australian mums, Bree and Jessica.

Carly and Tresne scored 38 out of 60 for their entrée of golden scallops with champagne sabayon with pancetta crumb and watercress; a main of wagyu scotch fillet with roasted beetroot salad with frizzled onions and beef glaze; followed by a dessert of raspberry and rosemary water Turkish mousse. Continue reading »