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Channel Seven today announced medical expert Dr Andrew Rochford will join the network’s news team in the role of Seven News Health Editor.

Dr Rochford will deliver reports on medical news and health issues for Seven News nationally, drawing on the strength of his experience as both a broadcaster and medical practitioner working on the frontline at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. Continue reading »


When Dami Im won The X Factor last year it was the ultimate success story against all the odds. When the awkward and shy piano teacher from Brisbane came to Australia from Korea aged nine, she was unable to speak a word of English. She was bullied at school and struggled to fit in. But the day she sang her audition for The X Factor in front of Dannii Minogue was the day her life changed forever. But there is another side to the outgoing and quirky songstress — for the first time since her victory, Dami returns to Seoul to discover the family she has never met. In her first guest reporting role, former mentor Dannii Minogue escorts Dami, along with her mother and grandmother, to the most militarized border in the world. Under heavy guard they cross into North Korea in search of answers. It’s highly charged and highly emotional must see TV. There is so much more to Dami Im than anyone could believe. We explore this remarkable singer’s musical roots and the story behind her marriage to the love of her life in Australia. Continue reading »


In some of our major cities, under big population centers… at any time, without warning, the ground just opens up and swallows everything in its way. They’re called sinkholes – and all across the world more and more are claiming houses, whole streets, vehicles… and as Alex Cullen reports – even people. This amazing Sunday Night investigation into this most mysterious phenomenon takes you inside an active sinkhole, captures sinkholes devouring whole buildings, and talks to relatives who have lost loved ones in sinkhole incidents. We travel to the town in America known as the ‘sinkhole capital of the world’ before returning to Australia and witnessing the birth of a new sinkhole. Frightening yet enthralling, you will never trust the ground beneath your feet again. Continue reading »


All of us dream – some of us get to live those dreams. This weekend on Sunday Night, Chris Bath takes you on a beautiful, amazing and at times frighteningly dangerous adventure with a remarkable young Aussie couple who decided to do just that. Jess and Chris hadn’t known each other very long when they took the plunge – splashing their entire $20,000 savings on a rickety little 29-foot boat they saw on the internet. It took them months to fix it up before they set out to conquer one of the world’s most dangerous and awesome sailing routes, from Canada through the Northwest Passage to Alaska. What they experience, and the incredible wildlife they film along the way, is only a backdrop to the love story that unfolds on screen. It ends with perhaps the most romantic marriage proposal ever attempted, and how Jess reacts will melt your heart. If you’ve ever toyed with opting out of the rat race to chase your dream this is the story you need to see.



A motor cycle world champ, a reporter’s personal story, Abba and a naked supermodel await your viewing on Sunday Night

The amazing real story behind a remarkable Aussie legend. Mick Doohan is a five times world champion, a giant of motor cycle racing. But what he’s never divulged before is what really ended his career, and how close he came to death after his famous practice lap crash 22 years ago.  Dutch surgeons were itching to amputate his leg, but Mick chose to go with an Italian doctor who saved his leg, and his life, with a jaw-dropping old fashioned medical procedure. On Sunday Night, reporter Mike Willesee introduces us to Mick’s beautiful wife Selina, who’s been by his side the entire way, and takes us inside the couple’s luxurious lifestyle  – a world of private jets and helicopters, and a lavish Gold Coast home they rent out to friends like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Years after he was king of the track, the legend dubbed the ‘Thunder from Down Under’ is anything but retired.  Continue reading »

Sunday Night could be well worth a watch if you’re A) a Ricky Gervais fan and B) a Muppets fan.  Tonight’s show includes:


Ricky Gervais tells the funniest joke ever on Sunday Night…..and the punch line brings the house down. One of comedy’s biggest superstars gave Sunday Night’s Rahni Sadler amazing access during filming of the new Muppet movie.   In his most playful and candid interview ever, Ricky Gervais will leave you rolling on the floor. This working class kid from a housing estate outside London isn’t just up for a laugh; he’s also brutally honest about life, truth and his experiences with Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson and David Bowie. Ricky’s funniest moment comes when he discusses his love for Australia, a country he’s never visited! There are also exclusive interviews with Kermit and Miss Piggy, who both have their own revelations about working with the King of comedy. Continue reading »

inxs sundayNo actors. No scripts. Back to where it began…with everyone.

Following the overwhelming success of the Channel Seven telemovie INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, join Sunday Night for an exclusive look into the INXS story through the eyes of those who lived it.

All five surviving members of the band sit down with reporter Rahni Sadler – the Farriss Brothers Tim, Andrew and Jon, Kirk Pengilly, Garry Beers, as well as manager Chris Murphy – to tell one of the greatest rock’n’roll stories of all time. And nothing is off limits. Continue reading »

DenhamDenham this week took up his role as a reporter with Seven’s flagship news and public affairs program Sunday Night, hosted by Chris Bath. He joins an award-winning team of journalists including Ross Coulthart, Mike Willesee, Rahni Sadler, Alex Cullen and Peta-Jane “PJ” Madam.

Denham said: “I’ve been glued to Sunday Night for the last five years. I’m delighted to join its ranks, and thoroughly look forward to a much-promised ‘baptism of fire’.

“As a foreign correspondent, I’ve had the opportunity to cover some of the world’s biggest stories but for the first time in a long time I’ll have the chance to come home between stories. It’s a dream job. Not only do I get the chance to work with some of the best in the business but I have the added bonus of being based in the country that I love.” Continue reading »

Dollar-90, Sargeant Sel, B-B Rizzle and the other members of the Hip Operation crew reckon they’ve found the secret to eternal youth: NEVER act your age, even when you’re 94 (and four months). These tough-talkin ‘, crotch-grabbin’ street dancers are possibly the world’s only geriatric hip-hop group. They joke that each dance could be their last, so they’re making every one count. Sunday Night reporter PJ Madam follows this infectiously upbeat group for one wild trip to the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. PJ also catches up with a famous face living up to the ‘never act your age’ motto – 79-year-old Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson. Back in her Brady Bunch days, the Brady matriarch was sweet as pie – but as PJ discovers, Florence has now put Carol Brady to bed! Continue reading »

To some people, he will always be Mr Darcy, but this week Colin Firth is far from proper as he sits down with friend Nicole Kidman for an interview with a difference. It seems the on screen romance between the pair is matched perfectly by their off-screen chemistry. In this fun, flirtatious interview the pair let their guard down to discuss everything from Hollywood nude scenes to Nicole’s singing. The pair has starred in their first film together and it’s sparked a trend, with two more in production. Continue reading »