The Bold and the Beautiful

chrisbrownThrong’s favourite vet, Dr Chris Brown, has turned down a role on The Bold and the Beautiful that would have seen him star in front of a daily audience of 35 million people.

“I was obviously quite flattered that they offered me the role on such an iconic show that does mean a lot to a lot of people all over the world,” said Brown, confirming the offer. Continue reading »

thorstenThorsten Kaye has been cast as Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. How do American soap actors get theses names – he sounds like he should be a character.

The former star of soap All My Children, Kaye replaces Ron Moss, who shocked the soap world last year when he announced that he was leaving Ridge behind after 25 years. Continue reading »

Jacqueline-MacInnes-Wood-jacqueline-macinnes-wood-24660734-604-402In Paris, Steffy took folic acid from a bottle that had been sitting next to a doctor’s prescription, and then she made some breakfast plans with Ridge.

At the cliff house, Liam was impressed by the sketches that Hope showed him. He noticed she was inspired. Hope kept expecting Steffy to walk in at any moment, and Hope found it odd that Steffy knew Hope and Liam were spending time together. Liam responded that Steffy had said they needed it. Continue reading »

In bed, Dayzee and Bold pic ericMarcus had champagne and caviar. Dayzee still couldn’t believe she was married to a Forrester. Dayzee loved everything about being a Forrester from the sense of family to the power that it gave her to help people in need. She even loved the endless supply of caviar, but she wondered if it made her shallow. Marcus didn’t think it was possible.

Dayzee couldn’t believe she’d gained so much over a lost scarf. Sometimes, she was afraid she’d turn into a pillar of salt if she looked back. Dayzee flashed back to Maya demanding to have her little girl back. Dayzee uttered that she didn’t want things to change. Continue reading »

Bold pic 3Brooke and Bill continue to look each other in the eyes before Brooke says “Bill” and Bill steps back and starts to rant about Katie again. Bill claims the alcohol is not the problem. Katie and her over reacting is. Brooke reminds Bill that Katie and the child are counting on him. Bill asks Brooke for more help with Katie before leaving. Continue reading »

Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester (2)Get out the tissues. It’s time to say goodbye to manipulative matriarch Stephanie Douglas Forrester, as actress Susan Flannery makes her final appearance on Monday’s episode of the Channel Ten soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

That’s right. No more Stephanie calling daughter-in-law Brooke “the slut from the Valley,” pushing fashion rival Jackie off the balcony or kneeing husband Eric in the groin after firing him from the company he co-founded. B&B just won’t be the same without the strong-willed “Queen Stephanie,” whom executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell calls “impossible and completely adorable at the same time.” Continue reading »

The B&B, Y&R, The Price is Right and Late Late Show’s cast and crews as well as many employees other employees, gathered together to salute Susan, but check out how they did it!

The Bold and The Beautiful will say farewell to Ronn Moss, who has played Ridge Forrester on the show for a remarkable 25 years, this Tuesday on December the 4th 2012 at 4.30pm on Channel Ten.
Ronn’s last episode features another wedding between Ridge and Brooke, before the two leave for their honeymoon. While on their honeymoon, something goes wrong, causing Brooke to return to the US without Ridge. As we learn about what happened between them, the story focuses on Brooke moving on without Ridge in her life. Continue reading »

Ronn Moss, who’s played Ridge Forrester since the very first episode of B&B way back in 1987, will be unceremoniously exiting the series after being a consistent regular for over two decades. Moss is a member of the “core four” group of original cast members that have remained with the soap since day one. The other three are of course Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Susan Flannery (Stephanie), and John McCook (Eric). Continue reading »

4.30pm FRIDAY, AUGUST 13 on Ten

Owen’s guilt will no longer allow him to keep the secret from Jackie about him, Bridget, and their baby. After much pressure from Bill and Katie, Donna agrees to sign her divorce settlement agreement that asks for half of Eric’s shares of Forrester Creations. Donna confronts Bill on his true intention of being persistent about seeking retribution for Beth’s death. Now that she is sin- gle again, Justin reveals to Donna his wish to reunite.